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Contact Information
Name: Laura Hall
Phone: 2295155987
Address: 1017 Julia Circle
City: Bainbridge
State: GA
ZIP: 39819
Support Group Data
Support Group Name: Port City Academics
Counties: Baker, Decatur, Gadsden (FL), Grady, Miller, Mitchell, Seminole
Limit Size of Group: no
Number of Families In Group: 23
Dues Amount: 0
Our Group Requires a Statement of Faith: no
Church Affiliation:
By-laws: yes
Field Trips, etc.: yes
Our Group Meets: Tuesdays during School year from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M.
Participation Required: yes
Message: We are committed to having academics, socialization, community service, and special events (such as drama, literature studies, science and social science fairs, field trips, celebrations, and an end of the year recognition program). We are a group that does not charge for membership. We plan to do fundraisers during the year to gain funds for supplies, field trips, etc. (These fundraisers will not be individual door-to-door type selling.) Please let me know by messaging me with your email address, if you would like the rest of the info and a Family Information Sheet. We would love to hear we are going to have lots and lots of people coming to join with us!!! Please reply to this and tell all the homeschoolers you know about the group and meeting!
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The Association will serve and assist any home schooling family or support group in Georgia, however, GHEA is a Christian organization and the counsel and direction of the organization will be Christian.

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