Suggestions for New Homeschoolers

The place to start when preparing to home educate is to educate yourself about home education. The following books will help you. These are just suggestions, there are many good books, but do read several by different authors. Check your local library for books about home schooling, teaching and learning styles before you purchase any. You should be able to order the following books from a bookstore or through one of the home schooling catalogs. Review our curriculum providers for a listing of book stores and catalogs.

  • A Field Guide to Home Schooling, by Christine Field
  • Cultural Literacy, by E.D. Hirsch (grades 1-6)
  • For the Children's Sake, by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay
  • Home Grown Kids, by Raymond and Dorothy Moore
  • Homeschooling by Heart, Kristina Sabalis Krulikas
  • How to Homeschool, by Gayle Graham
  • Language and Thinking for Young Children, by Ruth Beechick
  • Teaching the Trivium, by Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn
  • The Christian Home School, by Gregg Harris
  • The How & Why of Home Schooling, by Ray Ballman
  • The Three R's (K-3), by Ruth Beechick
  • The Whole Hearted Child, by Clay and Sally Clarkson
  • You Can Teach Your Child Successfully (4-8), by Ruth Beechick


The following books are curriculum guides:

  • "The Big Book of Home Learning" by Mary Pride.
  • "The Christian Home Educator's Curriculum Manual" by Cathy Duffy, Vol I (K-6) and Vol II (7-12)

We strongly recommend you join the Home School Legal Defense Association, (HSLDA) - see the link on our home page or 540-338-5600.

The Association will serve and assist any home schooling family or support group in Georgia, however, GHEA is a Christian organization and the counsel and direction of the organization will be Christian.

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