Homeschool Books

These books are not by any stretch of the imagination an exhaustive list of home schooling books.

See all the "New Homeschoolers" page.

  • Beyond Survival, by Diana Waring
  • Books Children Love: A Guide to the Best Children’s Literature, by Elizabeth Wilson
  • Home Schooling for Excellence, by David and Micki Colfax
  • Honey for a Child’s Heart, by Gladys Hunt
  • Reaping the Harvest, by Diana Waring
  • Teaching Children, by Diane Lopez (great book!)
  • The Charlotte Mason Companion, by Karen Andreaola
  • The Relaxed Home School, by Mary Hood
  • The Right Choice: Home Schooling, by Chris Klicka
  • The Way They Learn, by Cynthia Tobias
  • Worldwide Guide to Homeschooling, by Brian Ray


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