Declaration of Intent Form

The Georgia law is clear regarding the information that is to be reported: name and ages of children between 6 and 16 years of age as applicable under the compulsory attendance law; address of home study program; statement of 12 month period to be considered the school year. Click HERE to go to the online Declaration of Intent form. 


July 19, 2012


In compliance with our state law, people using a home study program (in other words, homeschooling) are required to submit the following information:

1.       LETTER OF INTENT – according to the law this form SHALL be provided by the State DOE.  

   A.      To be submitted annually by Sept. 1 or within 30 days of the establishment of the home study program (in other words, within 30 days of when you start homeschooling)


b.     In compliance with the law, you do not have to submit these forms once they turn 16, BUT…

c.     In accordance with the driver’s license law, you need to!  Keep submitting until they graduate from your homeschool program.

d.     After 16, they may be considered truant if you are not submitting a form, unless they are graduates.

B.      Form or letter should contain the following information ONLY :

a.     Parents’/Guardians’ names

b.     Address of home study program (address where home education is taking place)

c.     Names of children being home educated

d.     Their ages as of Sept. 1 of the year

e.     The dates of your home study program (just the dates from one school year to the next, i.e. Sept. 1, 2011 - Aug. 31, 2012 – must be 365 day-period whatever dates you pick.)

f.        Signature of Parent/Guardian

g.     Date of signature

NOTE:  You may provide them with any other information you wish, but the above is what is required by law. 


 All forms are submitted to the State Department of Education online or mailed in to:


Georgia DOE, Homeschool Division

205 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive, SE

Suite 1754, Twin Towers East

Atlanta, GA 30334. 



Sample Certification Letter


[Insert your return info here]



RE:  [Student’s full name]


[date of letter]


To Whom It May Concern:


I am writing on behalf of [student’s full name], a candidate for admission to [program or school name].  [Student name] is a graduate of a legal Georgia home study program.  In Georgia, home study programs are designated as educational entities with the same legal standing as public and private schools. As such, home schools may issue diplomas to their graduates the same way that public and private schools do. These diplomas are legal and legitimate albeit non-accredited. This is not unusual as the vast majority of home school graduates in Georgia and in the 49 other states have non-accredited diplomas.


In 2013, the Georgia legislature passed HB283 which authorized parents to self-certify home study programs.  The measure which takes effect July 1, 2013 allows for the following:


The parent or guardian shall have the authority to execute any document required by law, rule, regulation or policy to evidence the enrollment of a child in a home study program, the student's full-time or part-time status, the student's grades, or any other required educational information.


This part of the law gives the parent the authority to generate documents which verify that their home study program is in or has been in compliance with the Georgia home study law.


These documents will be used:


·   to verify attendance for the Department of Driver Services for driving permits and licenses


·   for work permits for employment


·   for receipt of state or federal assistance


·   for University, College or TECH college admission requirements


·   or for any other reason that requires compliance with state law or verification of school attendance.


The State Department of Education will no longer generate compliance or attendance letters for parents or students.


Parent Letter

Introduction to GHEA for new homeschoolers. Download this letter as PDF.


We encourage all Georgians to join Home School Legal Defense Association ( to help protect the rights of all homeschoolers in Georgia, throughout the United States, and internationally. 


Membership in ANY organization or home study program is NOT required in Georgia.

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The Association will serve and assist any home schooling family or support group in Georgia, however, GHEA is a Christian organization and the counsel and direction of the organization will be Christian.

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