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May 13, 11AM
Heritage Home School Day

Presented by Heritage Sandy Springs
Thursday, May 13, 11am-3pm
Sandy Springs Historic Site, Home of the Williams-Payne House
6075 Sandy Springs Circle
Admission $7, Members $5, (one free adult admission with 4 paid children) Registration Required (ages 8 and up)

Food plays a central role in many of our family and community traditions, from religious ceremonies to birthday parties to the evening meal. Food not only sustains our bodies. The types of food we eat, how we prepare our food, and the customs and rituals surrounding its consumption embody regional and ethnic influences which are all part of Southern culture.

The program for our annual home school day will focus on 19th century "Traditions at the Table." The program will begin with an old-fashioned covered dish meal and exploring traditions in our own families. Then, we'll head into the museum and learn all about traditional 19th century food, food preparation, and customs. Moving outside, we'll divide into small groups for a hands-on experience preparing baked goods and cooking them over an open flame as would have been done during the period in the rural South.

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