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Apr 2, 9AM
Intro to Biblical World and Life View with Tools for Life

“Thy Kingdom Come”

Intro to Biblical World and Life View with Tools for Life


When: April 2, 2005 from 9am-1pm

For: Fathers, Mothers, and Students age 13 -college

Location: The Portico in North High Shoals on 186 south of Athens

Take 441-south out of Athens to 186, and turn right. Follow 186 until you cross over the bridge (Apalachee River) and then go down another ½ mile to 2 small churches. On the right is The Portico.

*For directions from other locations go to: www.theportico.org -Click enter, contact us, and then directions and choose the most helpful directions for you.

Price: $10 a person and no more than $40 a family.


Have you seen the published statistics alerting the church to the influence the world is having on Christians? 68% of born again Christians do not believe in moral absolutes (Gods Word as infallible) and 91% of born again teens don’t either! As high as 70% of born again students that go away to a secular or Christian college renounce their faith before they leave college. World magazine recently reported that 49% of protestant pastors reject core Biblical beliefs. 


Something’s wrong here, seriously wrong!


This nation is in desperate need of Christians to speak the truth in love.

Christ came to redeem men and families and use those men and families to redeem the culture! Redeeming culture means redeeming every area of life in the spheres of family, church and state, but the fact is we as Christians are rarely taken seriously and have very little influence on the culture.


“Thy Kingdom Come” is a 4-hour INTERACTIVE training on


To help parents and students expose the worldviews that destroy our testimony as Christians and our families.  By training our children we can resist the flow of the culture, take the secular humanism of our day and dismantle it.



“The wise man scales the city of the mighty and brings down the stronghold in which they trust.” Proverbs 21:22



*If you would like to sign up for this training, or get more details contact Juli Wisotsky at:  706-543-3188 / Juliwiso@aol.com






Blaine is a dynamic teacher with a passion for training students for impact in today's culture.  His energetic and interactive style motivates students to take seriously the command to be ready to give an answer for the hope they have.  Blaine is able to help young people make their faith powerful in their lives by having them apply God's word and Godly thinking to all aspects of living.  Coupled with training in the skills of public speaking, students come away from his sessions spiritually and mentally armed, ready to contend for the Faith with truth and love.”

David Chapman Jr., Operations Manager, TeenPact Leadership School


“Your workshops really hit home with our teens.  You have a great ability to pull students out of their shells and get them talking and sharing on a sincere and honest level.  I was amazed at how candid and willing to talk, the kids were after just a few minutes in your workshop.”

-Randi St.Denis President, Home Educators Encouragement Alliance Director, Future Leaders of America Student Conference


·        “I now understand the importance of having a Biblical worldview, and how important it is to know how to defend what I believe.”

·        “We learned how to resist the culture, and recognize the evil around us.”

·        “I was reminded of the great need for Christians to stand out in our present culture and I have a better understanding of how to do so.”

·        “I enjoyed learning how to find flaws in worldly teachings.”

-Students from GA that participated in Tools for Life - Worldview Training


"Blaine is passionate about helping to equip young people to be leaders of the next generation. Using compelling apologetics and persuasive speaking skills, Blaine has become a sought after speaker to youth, home school groups and churches. Some speakers are deep on philosophy but shallow on practicality. Blaine has a good mixture, showing you first what the needs are, and secondly giving feet to the presentation by practically demonstrating how you can make a difference in your world.

Israel Wayne, Marketing Director for Wisdom’s Gate



Tools for Life is a ministry committed to helping Fathers-Families-Students connect God’s Word to daily living or in other words, applying the knowledge, understanding and wisdom of God to every area of life. Prioritizing this task is the key to Christian families redeeming every sphere of society.


Tools for Life Contact info: 706 340-5739 / blaines-tools4life@earthlink.net


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