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Apr 15, 12PM
Essay Contest

Dear Home School Leaders,

Below is announcement of an essay contest by Oakseed Ministries. Our family

knows the president, Ed Bradley, and have donated to his ministry for years.

Oakseed is actively helping poor, street children and orphans in many Third

World countries. They are very effective and spread the gospel everywhere.

The deadline is March 15. Could you please spread the word to your lists?

Home school students are good writers! Ed Bradley wants to get this

information on the essay test to as many home schoolers as possible.

There are substantial cash prizes and a grand prize of a mission trip to


See their press release and contact information below.



Chris Klicka


2240 Gallows Road

Vienna, VA 22182


CONTACT: Edward Bradley

Days: 703-876-9020

Evening: 703-470-4618

Fax: 703-876-9024


Vienna, VA,

Oakseed Ministries International (www.oakseed.org) and Stand for Africa

(www.standforafrica.org) announce a national essay contest for American

youth on the topic: "Compassion and AIDS Orphans in Africa."

The contest will run thru April 15th. Winners will receive cash prizes, and

a grand prize of a ten-day trip for two to Africa will be awarded.

Participants can enter the contest in one of three different age groups: 12

and under, 13-17, and 18-22.

The president of Oakseed Ministries, Ed Bradley, in launching this effort,

declared that "the AIDS pandemic and the crisis of AIDS orphans are without

parallel in modern times."

James Tyree of Stand for Africa stated that "by the year 2010 there will be

more AIDS orphans in Africa than all African Americans in America."

The contest is part of a year-long effort to raise awareness of the plight

of the African AIDS orphan; it will culminate in the Annual Day of Prayer

for Children at High Risk on June 5, 2005.

For more information or to receive a copy of the Essay Guidelines e-mail

AIDSorphans@oakseed.org or call 877-876-9020 (toll free).

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