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Mar 15, 8:30AM
2017 Homeschool Day at the Capitol

Register Here for Homeschool Day at the Capitol 2017: https://goo.gl/VGk1dW Contact for Info: homeschoolcapitolday@gmail.com Thank you for joining us this year for Homeschool Day at the Capitol 2017! You have all turned out in greater numbers each year, and on behalf of homeschoolers all over the beautiful state of Georgia, we thank you! It is so critical that we continue to attend each year to make a positive representation and show that we are mighty in number! This day has already had a direct impact on legislation in the past and we trust that our presence will continue to make a lasting impression on our legislators! The day is already shaping up to be an exciting one, and we are adding more things each week, so be sure and follow us on Facebook leading up to the big day to get updates! We will host a LEGISLATIVE CLASS, a JUDICIAL CLASS and all new for this year... a GEORGIA 101 CLASS! The new Georgia 101 class will cover not only fun Georgia facts, but also cover how a bill becomes a law in the state of Georgia as well as impact you can make on local legislation. This class will be geared towards elementary students, but all are welcome! We will be releasing more details on each class, the instructors and a detailed schedule very soon, so watch for updates! HOMESCHOOL GROUPS: Each individual family may register separately, using this form and pay individually. Please include your group/co-op name in the form. You do not need to sign up as a group, but please encourage your members to register and pay their invoices as soon as possible, to ensure class placement. Due to the generosity of our sponsors, we are able to offer this day to you again this year for only $5 per participating student ages 6+ (with a $15 family cap) and that includes everything! Parents are free, and are encouraged to attend all classes with their students. By registering, you will be scheduled for all of the classes, but you don't have to come to all of the classes if you choose not to. Class size is limited and your registration is not confirmed until payment is received. Once you register, you will be sent a PayPal invoice within 48 hours. Once you pay the invoice, you will be added to the class roster and we will email you a confirmation. We make every attempt to be timely in our responses, but please be patient with us as we are volunteer moms, and are homeschooling and changing diapers in between times! *TOUR CHANGE for 2017* If you have attended Georgia Homeschool Day at the Capitol in previous years, you will notice a change in our approach to tours this year. Tour guides will be stationed at various points of interest around the Capitol building and you will receive a map ahead of time, showing where you can stop by to learn fun tidbits about the Capitol building! We hope that this change makes maneuvering the Capitol even more enjoyable for you! You will not need to sign up for a tour to participate. *MUSIC PERFORMANCE CHANGE* In 2016, we had over two thousand attendees for Homeschool Day at the Capitol! The Georgia Building Authority informed us that homeschoolers are now the 2nd largest group to visit the Capitol ALL YEAR LONG! (We are 2nd in size only to the nurses, so the now competition is ON!) That being said, our group is too large to reserve the rotunda for musical performances at the same time, because they have over 600 groups per year, trying to have their day at the Capitol. We would love to host a separate Homeschool Music Day at the Capitol, but we need someone to help organize and lead it! If you would be interested in leading this, please email us at homeschoolcapitolday@gmail.com and we will contact you when we begin to form that committee! Thank you once again for joining us for this historic day! We can't wait to see you there! Stacie Jakes & Mandi Hughes Homeschool Day at the Capitol Organizers Homeschool Day at the Capitol is brought to you by GHEA

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