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Oct 20-Nov 22
SAT Prep Class & Practice Test

Mr. David Cain and Mrs. Dana Donnelly have graciously agreed to mentor 2-8 students prior to the SAT administered on Nov 8th and on Dec 6th. There will be two groups, one for the Nov 8th AND one for the Dec 6th test dates (schedule included below). These classes will overlap on two of the sessions. Logistical details: Monday evenings, 6:30pm - 9pm. Location: 277 Bedford Street SW, Marietta (Holcomb residence) or offsite location TBD (possibly Grace Community Church on Kennesaw Ave in Marietta). Sessions for the Nov 8th test date: 9/29,10/6,10/13, 10/20,10/27 with the practice test on Saturday, 11/1, 9AM-2PM. Prep for the Dec 6th date would be 10/20, 10/27, 11/3, 11/10, 11/17 with practice on 11/22. Class schedule would be as follows: CRI CRII/Essay Gram Math 1 Math 2 Practice Nov prep: 9/29 10/6 10/13 10/20 10/27 11/1 Dec prep: 11/3 11/10 11/17 10/20 10/27 11/22 We can also add extra practice time by adding an extra class or extending each class a half hour (3 hr classes) or add practice sessions on a different night. Tuition, depending upon class size (min 2 - max 8), ranges from $295 to $495. Due to the approaching first session for the Nov group, please respond at your earliest convenience if you'd like a spot in that class. The sessions for the Dec group will not begin until Oct 20th. To hold your student's seat, please send a partial tuition payment of $50, made payable to New Doors Educational Programs, to my address. If you have questions, please email or phone. Please forward to students under your care or to families that you know that may have a need in this area. Rosemary Holcomb rsholcomb@bellsouth.net 770-426-9965 277 Bedford Street SW Marietta, GA 30064 Reply, Reply All or Forward | More Click to reply all

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