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Oct 3-4
The ENERGIZE Conference - Free

The Energize! Conference, October 3-4th, in the Atlanta, Georgia Area Would you like your family to be energized, pulling together as an awesome team? Steve and Teri Maxwell and family will be giving their brand-new Energize! family conference in the Atlanta Area, October 3rd and 4th. Some of the session titles include: Today Children: Tomorrow Leaders, How to Have an Awesome Day, Supersonic Leadership: Is Everyone Strapped In?, and Dating, Courtship, Betrothal, or Whatever. There is no cost for the conference. For details, please see: http://www.titus2.com/energize-conference/atlanta-georgia.html. Join the Maxwells to be encouraged, meet like-minded believers, and get your energy-tank filled. Questions or to pre-register, please contact Gary Medina (garymedina@bellsouth.net or 404-862-5874) or Misty Medina (404-862-5872). You may also contact Sarah Maxwell (maxwellconferences@gmail.com or 913-909-9776).

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The Association will serve and assist any home schooling family or support group in Georgia, however, GHEA is a Christian organization and the counsel and direction of the organization will be Christian.

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