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Feb 19, 9AM
Zion Educational Conference


9:00 - 9:55   How to Maximize Your Child's Potential

                                0 to age 3 – Melanie Anderson


10:00 - 10:55  Children's Literature Pre K to

                                    12th Grade – Elizabeth McCallum


11:00-11:55  How to Help Your LD Child -  Kay Ness


Registration Fee is $5.00 at the door.

Register online at www.zionpresbyterian.org


Melanie Anderson

Melanie Anderson is a mother of 4 high achieving children (girls & boys) who have been home schooled from the beginning of their lives. All 4 children were reading on a first grade level at the age of 3. Come hear easy, practical tips to maximize your child's educational potential in the first 3 crucial years of life, which will lead to greater efficiency and opportunities in their later educational endeavors.  [more on www.zionpresbyterian.org]


Elizabeth McCallum  
Elizabeth McCallum is a well-known speaker who conducts seminars on education, children’s literature, and all aspects of the English curriculum. She speaks at the Association for Christian Schools International (ACSI) teacher conventions, at homeschool parents groups, and at private school faculty and parent meetings.

[more on www.zionpresbyterian.org]


Kay Ness
Kay Ness is a neurodevelopmentalist, certified by ICAN, International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists. She has evaluated and designed home programs for families with children with problems ranging from severe brain injury, autism, Down syndrome, PDD, ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, dyslexia, visual and auditory processing problems, normal and accelerated, from birth to people in their 60's. By addressing root causes of learning and developmental problems, Kay has helped many families help their children reach levels of achievement that was thought impossible.
 [more on www.zionpresbyterian.org]


Childcare for ages 6 months to

5 years provided.

For more information,
please contact Deborah Stanfield at (478) 744-9898.


How to Get to Zion

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Driving Directions:
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From I-75 northbound, take the Hardeman Avenue exit and turn left onto Vineville Avenue.


From I-75 southbound, turn right off of the Hardeman Avenue exit.
Zion will be about a mile on your

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