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Mar 14, 1PM

Our next Homeschool Day is Wednesday, March 14, 2012 from 1:00 – 4:00 PM at the Atlanta History Center . This month's theme is “Heroes on the Homefront.” Our nation is defined by more than the record of military battles that are won and lost. It also includes the everyday struggles waged on the homefront. Through Betsy Ross, Clara Barton, and Rosie the Riveter, discover the roles that women and homefront heroes played in the building of our nation. Experience the sights and sounds of a simulated bomb shelter during General Sherman’s epic bombardment of Atlanta in 1864 and learn what it would be like to live on the homefront in a target city. Learn about medical techniques used during the Civil War, and Clara Barton’s contributions that eventually led to the founding of the American Red Cross. See what life was like during the Civil War for a typical Atlanta-area family, and learn how they were able to maintain their livelihood and support the war effort in spite of the war-time blockade. Join Rosie the Riveter as she talks about how women stepped up to keep American society going, from working in factories to playing professional sports. See how everyday household items were reused and recycled for essential war supplies during WWII. From the early efforts of the “Soil Sisters” to the well known Victory Gardens of WWII, learn how homefront gardening has been an important part of the war effort throughout our country’s history. Participate in a Vietnam Patrol simulation and learn about the homefront conflict surrounding the Vietnam War through the eyes of a war-time journalist and a Vietnam soldier. The Tableau Vivant, or “living picture,” is commonly seen today at Christmastime as living depictions of the Nativity. However, they gained wide popularity during the nineteenth century as a means of raising money to aid wounded soldiers. Join our Tableau and see if you can freeze-frame your way to fame! Finally, stop by the craft table to make some homefront craft projects including a five-point Betsy Ross star, a Civil War cartridge, and a WWII service banner. Admission to Homeschool Days, including sales tax, is $7.50 for nonmembers; $5.50 for children of members; and free for adult members. Children age 3 and under are free. Discounted rates are available for groups with 10 or more children. For more information or to make group reservations, please call 404.814.4018 or email: Homeschool@AtlantaHistoryCenter.com . While the special programming is only from 1:00 -- 4:00 PM, you are welcome to spend the entire day at the History Center for this reduced rate. Many people come early (we open at 10:00 AM) and spend the first part of the day exploring our exhibitions, gardens, and historic houses, have lunch at our small Chick-fil-A café (open from Noon—2:00 PM), and then participate in the Homeschool Day program in the afternoon. To learn about our other Homeschool Days this year, visit this website: www.AtlantaHistoryCenter.com/homeschool . We hope to see you on March 14th! Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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