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Jan 10-30
Animals In Action/Invertebrate Anatomy

Registration is now available for the Spring 2011 Semester of HomeSchool Academy at Zoo Atlanta. The semester starts next week so don’t miss your opportunity to participate. Visit our website at http://www.zooatlanta.org/home/book_a_program/schools_and_groups/homeschoolers or call 404-624-9453 to register or to learn more. Dates and topics are as follows:


Grades K-2: Animals in Action

From runners to swimmers, animals have many ways of moving. Discover all the different ways that animals get around and investigate the many adaptations that allow animals to move in different ways.



January 12 – Runners

February 9 – Jumpers

March 9 – Fliers

April 13 – Climbers

May 11 – Swimmers


Grades 3-5: Where in the World is…

Get out your maps because its time to be a globetrotter. Explore diverse places on the planet while uncovering clues about animals, habitats, and foreign countries. Use these clues to determine each month’s mystery animal. Learn all about these animals to tell us where in the world they are.



January 12 – The Great Weri Kasa

February 9 – The Elusive Fire Fox

March 9 – The Speedy Camel Sparrow

April 13 – The Toxic Heloderma

May 11 – The People of the Forest


Grades 6-8: Invertebrate Anatomy

Dive into the diverse world of invertebrates or animals without backbones. Investigate the structures and functions of the different organs that make up these fascinating animals. Compare the different invertebrates and see how they are similar and different to the animals with backbones. Please note: each class will include a dissection of an invertebrate.



January 12 - Echinoderms

February 9 - Mollusks

March 9 - Crustaceans

April 13 - Annelids

May 11 - Insects


Grades 9-12: Vertebrate Anatomy

Explore the different bones and organs that are characteristic of different vertebrates. Investigate how the different body systems look and function in different types of animals. End the semester with a frog dissection to see how the various systems interact together.


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