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Aug 27-28
Homeschool Mom's Retreat


Homeschool Mom's Retreat!!!
August 27-28, 2010
Norman Baptist Conference Center


STRESS...FRUSTRATION...EXHAUSTION! Let's just be honest. Homeschooling can be stressful and can push us to our limits!! How often do we find ourselves filled with frustration over some aspect of our responsibilities as homeschooling moms, and unfortunately, as our flesh wins out, our children and husbands are the recipients of. . .well, NOT the fruit of the Spirit!

Anyway, the truth is--God has blessed us GREATLY and has gifted us with a vision to educate our precious children at home.
To assist us in fulfilling this calling, He has given us the ability to endure the trials of life
(yes--even the daily aggravations that seek to control our attitudes)!

This weekend of encouragement will focus on bringing our hearts to the Lord, remembering who we are "in Him",
and asking Him to fill our mouths with laughter (even if we’re just laughing at ourselves) and our hearts with joy
so that the environment of our home will reflect our loving Lord!

Come LAUGH OUT LOUD with us
as Sherri Johnson blesses you with words of encouragement for
your ministry of educating your children!
Prepare to be pampered and built up in your valuable role of
homeschooling mom, and return home
refreshed and energized for a purposeful 2010-2011 school year!

Only $65!  Includes:  Friday Dinner, Room (double occupancy)
Please register by August 5th

Saturday Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks& lots of pampering!!


Visit Sherri's website: www.sherrijohnsonministries.com

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Moultrie C.H.A.T.

Christian Home-Schoolers Associating Together


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