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Jul 28, 10AM
An Insider’s Guide to the Private College Admission Process

For Homeschoolers Only:
An Insider’s Guide to the Private College Admission Process

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
10:00am - 4:00pm

Please read our event FAQs:

Q. Who should attend the homeschool workshop at Berry College?
A. Homeschool students and parents who are interested in selective liberal arts colleges will benefit greatly from this workshop.

Q. What will we learn about during the homeschool workshop?
A. During the workshop, we will offer advice for the college search process and the admission process. We will also offer a presentation on scholarship and aid opportunities, we’ll address many myths about the cost of private college education and will provide insights on the application review process . For students, we’ll offer a panel presentation on campus and student life titled “Life in College for the Student.” Parents will attend a session titled “Life in College for the Parent,” which will offer tips and advice for the transition to being the parent of a college student. The workshop will also include a complimentary lunch on our campus, as well as the option of a guided walking tour of Berry’s main campus (for those interested).

Q. I attended last year’s homeschool workshop. Will this be different?
A. While much of the content will be similar due to the nature of the event, we are incorporating new topics and a new, interactive session (to provide you with insights on the application review process) to the schedule this year. We welcome repeat guests!

Q. What are the hours of the workshop?
A. The workshop will start at 10:00am and conclude by 3:00pm. Those who stay for the optional campus tour will be done by 4:00pm.

Q. How much does it cost to attend this event?
A. There is no cost for attending our homeschool workshop! We just ask you to register in advance so we know how many guests to expect for the sessions, lunch and the tour.

Q. Is this workshop only intended for students and parents interested in Berry College?
A. While you will certainly have the opportunity to learn a great deal about Berry College simply by being on our campus, this workshop is intended for students interested in applying to any selective liberal arts colleges, and their parents. While our expertise is Berry College, the advice given is applicable across colleges.

Q. I am specifically interested in Berry College. Is this event going to answer all of my questions about Berry?
A. You will learn a great deal about Berry’s admission and enrollment process, plus you’ll hear from members of the Berry community and take a tour of our main campus. However students interested in applying specifically to Berry are encouraged to schedule an individual campus visit to learn more about specific academic programs and campus offerings. We also offer open house events for high school juniors and seniors, called Discover Berry, each fall and spring semester. Most students who apply to Berry will visit with us more than once. We encourage you to participate in an open house and/or schedule an individual campus visit, in addition to participating in our homeschool workshop. We will be happy to provide interested students and parents with more information on our campus visit options during the workshop.

Q. Will we get to take a tour of Berry’s campus?
A. Yes, we will offer the option of a campus tour to all workshop participants. The tours will take place at the end of the workshop (starting around 2:45pm). If you stay for the tour you should plan to be done by 4:00pm.

Q. What will we see on the campus tour?
A. The campus tour will focus on Berry’s Main Campus and will highlight the student center, dining facilities, the athletic center, a residence hall, a classroom and lab room, the library and an overview of the primary academic buildings.

Q. What if we wish to see other areas of the campus that are not part of the tour?
A. All workshop participants will receive a campus map and will be able to explore other areas of interest at their own pace. Berry’s campus is the largest land campus in the world, so for the sake of time the campus tour will focus primarily on the areas that any Berry student might use on a regular basis. We will not be showing areas of specialized interest such as the Mountain Campus, the equestrian center, the WinShape Centre or historic landmarks, but you may certainly explore these areas on your own.

Q. I’m a parent and my children are not high school age yet. Should I consider attending?
A. We welcome all interested parents to attend the homeschool workshop. We will share information that may help the parents of middle school students plan ahead for the college admission and enrollment process. However, the sessions will be best suited for those who are applying to colleges in the next few years. The panel for students is intended for rising high school students, so younger students may not find the information to be relevant just yet. We recommend this panel for students who are age 12 or older.

Q. I’m planning out high school curriculum. Will this workshop help me?
A. We will address the kind of high school courses selective liberal arts colleges like to see from freshman applicants as a preparation for college. This workshop, however, is not intended to offer recommendations for specific curriculum providers. We will not be selling or promoting a particular curriculum provider during this event.

Q. I have specific questions about Berry’s homeschool admission process. Will this workshop address my questions?
A. Yes, you will learn how Berry handles freshman applications from homeschool students. To help you prepare, please check out the following link for basic information on our admission process for homeschooled students: http://www.berry.edu/admissions/stn_homeschool.asp

Q. I’m a high school student. Do I have to bring a parent to participate in the homeschool workshop?
A. High school students are welcome to participate in this event on their own. However, please note that the panel titled “Life in College for the Parent” is intended for parents only. Students are invited to attend the “Life in College for the Student” panel. We will be happy to provide you with information to take home to your parents, and you’re also welcome to schedule a visit with the Berry College Office of Admissions for another time when your parents can join you.

Q. I’m a parent. Do I have to bring a student to participate in the homeschool workshop?
A. Parents are welcome to attend without a student. However, please note that the panel titled “Life in College for the Student” is intended for students only. Parents are invited to attend the “Life in College for the Parent” panel. We will be happy to provide you with information to take home to your student(s), and you’re also welcome to schedule a visit with the Berry College Office of Admissions for another time when your student(s) can join you.

Q. What if I have a question that hasn't been answered here?
A. For questions about program content, please contact Wendy Dahlgren, Associate Director of Admissions and homeschool representative, at wdahlgren@berry.edu or (800) 237-7942. For questions about event registration, please contact Kinsey Stout, Assistant Director of Operations, at kstout@berry.edu or (800) 237-7942.

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