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Jun 9-13
Battle for the Bible / Creation Supercamp


GHEA members get a $25 discount on registration!

Join us for 5 fantastic days of learning, leisure, fellowship and fun, with a top line-up of 14 creation speakers from the US and around the world!

A World-Class Creation Super Conference


Gary Bates, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, Dr. Don Batten, Dr. Robert Carter, Dr. John Sanford, Dr. Russell Humphreys, Dr. Emil Silvestru, Dr. John Hartnett, Dr. Charles Jackson, Mike Oard, Tom DeRosa, Richard Fangrad, Calvin Smith, Skip Tilton


This "stellar" family conference/camp presents some of the world's leading creationist thinkers in the area of creation apologetics, biology, geology, cosmology and much, much more!

For more information on the conference, lodging, area attractions and more, visit www.creation2010.com or call (800) 616-1264 x 205.



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