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Oct 16, 9AM
Worldview Seminar

October 16 -- SATURDAY -- Atlanta (East)

4554 Annistown Road

Snellville, GA 30039



Cost: $10 per person ($45 max per family)

Lunch: Bring your own or plan to purchase

Time: 9:00 -- 4:00 (come early to register)

Students ages 8 - 12 will participate 3 interactive, fun and entertaining

workshops as follows:

1. What is a Worldview and Do You Have One?

2. The Importance of Developing Public Speaking Skills

3. Research that Changes Lives.

The teens will be taught by the Bryan College Worldview Team:

How do you make sense of the crazy world that we live in?

Whatdoes it mean to be "in the world but not of it"? As Christians we are

called to be salt & light in a world without truth. Most teens do not

have any idea what they believe or why. Not only that, but they also

have no idea why other people believe what they believe. The Bryan

College Worldview Team exists to train students to actively engage the

culture by equipping them to analyze and articulate the dominant ideas

shaping our world through the lens of a Christian worldview. The

Worldview Team is fresh, vibrant, active, humorous ... definitely not

"sit and listen." It is made up of highly trained Bryan College students

as well as a Bryan staff member. Come & let the Worldview Team

challenge you to think deeper about the world around you. Don't be

caught unprepared to defend your faith.

The parent/educator seminar will address the following issues:

1. The Five Reasons Children Leave Their Faith

2. Why We Must Teach Our Children to Think Worldviewishly

3. Teaching Outside the Box (merging worldview thinking with

homeschooling goals)

4. What now? Specific recommendations and suggestions for teaching

worldview lessons to your children.

John Stonestreet is the director of the Summit at Bryan College, a

leadership program for high school and college students designed to train

them to understand why they believe what they believe, and develop a

sense of mission to go into the world with a heart and mind for Christ.

He is a camp and conference speaker to thousands each year, teaching

parents, educators, and students how to think from a Biblical worldview.

He is also on the Biblical Studies faculty at Bryan College (TN). He and

his wife, Sarah, live in Dayton, TN.

Jeremiah Callihan is the Associate Director of the Bryan College

Worldview Team. He and his wife, Kimberly, live in Dayton, TN. Because

Jeremiah was homeschooled his whole life he sees how understanding

worldviews is relevant to homeschoolers and the world alike. Jeremiah

has been a part of Summit Ministries for the last 6 years. He attended

Summit Ministries worldview training seminars in Dayton, TN and Manitou

Springs, CO in consecutive summers during his last two years of high

school. He has been a counselor at Summit at Bryan College for the last

four years. Jeremiah is a graduate of Roberts Wesleyan College with a

B.S. in Business Administration. He also attended Focus on the Family

Institute in the Fall of 2002. Jeremiah has spoken at homeschool

conferences along with his parents, David and Laurie Callihan, who have

authored The Guidance Manual for the Christian Homeschool. He is very

concerned about ensuring that all Christian teenagers understand and have

a consistent, well thought out Biblical worldview. Jeremiah is extremely

excited for the opportunity to take part in leading the Worldview Team

for years to come. He believes the team is a tool that God can truly use

to change lives for Christ, encouraging Christian teenagers to love God

with their mind, moving from apathy in their faith to action in their


Pat and Don Wesolowski have been homeschooling their 9 children for over

20 years. After coming to a realization that teaching worldivew is of

vital importance, they have a passion for bringing this seminar to as

many Christians as possible.

What those who have attended these seminars have to say:

"Wow. I'm amazed that I had never even heard of worldview thinking

before now. My husband and I plan to go home, search the scriptures,

and make changes to the educational and spirtual goals we have for our

children. Thanks so much for making the effort to bring this seminar to

our area."

"This seminar exceeded all of my expectations. I cannot thank you enough

for putting this program together. Please come back to our area again so

we can bring our friends to it next time."

"My friend brought her teen to this program and she is so glad that she

did. Her daughter had been having attitude problems and did not want to

attend the seminar. Not only did the daughter enjoy the seminar

immensely, but her attitude was greatly improved afterwards."

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