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Jun 20, 9AM
High School & Beyond

High School and Beyond

Seminar for Parents and Their Teens


Saturday, June 20, 9:00-5:00

Clermont Gym

640 Main Street, directly across from Concord Baptist Church

Clermont, GA  30527


Would you like to bring your teenager home from a traditional school to home school but arenít sure where to start?  Currently home schooling your high schooler but need some direction?  Home schooling a middle school child and want to prepare for high school?  This seminar is for you!


Topics include:

- Methods for Teaching Teens: Facilitator or teacher?

- Choosing Curriculum:  What is available and Ruthís picks

- Whatís Really Required?  How many sciences?  How many maths? 

- Preparing Transcripts:  Credits, grade point averages, portfolios

- Preparing for the future:  College, military, tech schools, life

- College Road:  Admission essays, scholarships, HOPE             


Ruth Martin is the mother of three, ages 26, 24 and 19.  She has home schooled all three since 1983.  Her oldest son graduated with honors from law school at FSU.  Her middle son has graduated summa cum laude from Piedmont College.  Her daughter is a sophomore in college on academic scholarships.  Ruth has a Masterís Degree in Learning Disabilities and is currently an Educational Consultant in private practice.  She spent many years in public and private school classrooms teaching and testing children with learning disabilities and emotional disorders.  She has recently become the proud grandmother of the next generation of Martins!


This seminar is very popular and space is limited for your benefit. Please pre-register early so you wonít miss out on this great workshop.


Cost per person/family;  $45.00 pre-paid registration and $55.00 at the door. 

Send your name, address, phone number, email and check to Sandra Cantrell, P.O. Box 28, Clermont, GA  30527.  Pre-registration guarantees you a seminar workbook upon arrival. 

Checks are made payable to Ruth Martin.


Directions:  www.mapquest.com or http://www.concordministries.net (Clermont Gym is located in park directly across from Concord Baptist Church in Clermont).


Lunch:  Please bring a sack lunch and snacks to share.  There is a microwave available.  We may work through lunch and finish up a little early.  There are not many restaurants nearby.


Nursery:  Child care will not be available.  Nursing babies are welcome.


More Information;  If you have questions, contact:  Sandra Cantrell at 678-300-5206, sjcantrell@aol.com or Ruth Martin at 678-442-1477,  mart5111@bellsouth.net



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