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Mar 20, 9AM
Homeschool Days at Wahsega 4-H Center

Homeschool Days at Wahsega 4-H Center!
Join us for a 3-day environmental education field study devoted to homeschool families, April 20-22, 2009.

Homeschool families can register directly with Wahsega to sign up for a 3-day, 2-night field study. During your visit, you'll stay in rustic cabins, eat meals in our historic dining hall, and participate in memorable and educational field study classes. You'll learn about the forest, the stream, the wildlife, the area's history, yourself and each other! Visit our website at www.wahsega4h.org for more information on the program and facilities.

To register, contact Jenny Kvapil, Environmental Education Program Coordinator. Call the office at 706-864-2050 or email jennyk@uga.edu.The deadline for registration is March 20, 2009.

The cost for this 3-day field study package includes lodging, classes, and meals.
Adults and students ages 6 and above: $99 per person
Children ages 3-5: $49.50
Children 2 and under: free
We can accept cash or check, but we cannot accept credit or debit cards. Payment is expected upon arrival.

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Ready for your environmental education adventure?
Read on for important details.

Our cabins are very basic and rustic. Linens are not provided; pack as though you are camping. There is no heat, a/c or bathrooms in the cabins. Cabins typically have 7 sets of bunks, for a total of 14 beds. Cabin assignments will be divided several ways. We will designate a few father/son cabins, mother/daughter cabins, and family cabins. You may be required to share a cabin with other families or mother/daughter, father/son groups. We are happy to accommodate groups of families wishing to share a cabin, and ask that if you do indeed know other participants you can share with, please plan on doing so.

We have two bath houses at Wahsega, a boys and a girls that all guests share.

Part of the experience at Wahsega includes guest participation in the dining hall and in the final camp cleanup. Guests are expected to contribute to KP (kitchen patrol duty – helping with a meal in the dining hall), bath house cleanup, cabin cleanup and grounds cleanup. These duties will be evenly distributed amongst the guests and will be assigned by Wahsega’s program coordinator.



We will be dividing students into learning groups by age. The number of participants will determine the number of learning groups. The following classes and activities will be part of the April 2009 Homeschool Days at Wahsega:


We hope that you and your children will join us for this unique field study opportunity!

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