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Oct 29-30
Six for the Road

Hello my name is Kati Loud. My family and I homeschool. We now call it  Roadschool.  We have done what many homeschoolers often dream about. We moved out of our home, gave away and sold most of our belongings bought an RV and we hit the road. We have been traveling the US for the last year.

I was wondering if you could pass this email on to the families in your group, or forward it to anyone that you think may be interested.  We are doing a TV special for Discovery's TLC. It airs on October 29 at 10 ET/PT. We are on right after Jon and Kate Plus Eight. It also rebroadcasts on October 30 at 1am ET/PT.

The Show is called Six For The Road.

 We have been filming for several months and we have been having a great time. They are airing episodes 1 & 2 the first night . On November 5 episode 3 & 4 air. In episode 1 they try to give you a glimpse of who we are as a family. In episode 2 we deal with friends and how we do birthdays on the road. We also go on an amazing zip lining trip. We are especially excited for episodes 3 and 4. We focus on our homeschooling in episode 3. In 4 we focus on how we travel and who we are as a family. We feel like these two episodes really get our families personalities. I know it is a little late at night but we would love to have other homeschool families watch these!

We would like to let as many homeschoolers know about the show and try to get the word out. If they are liked and a lot of people tune in, there is a big chance that we can show the rest of the episodes that we have filmed. We want other families to see how awesome homeschooling is. 

Our family has grown so much through this journey. We went from a 34oo sq foot home to a 340 sq foot home. We have been to so many amazing places. History has become real to my children. We love learning hands on. We have a website  www.ourloudfamily.com   We have a blog about the many places and experiences that we have visited. Our web site is still being remodeled so the first few blogs listed still do not have pics. And it is a few months behind. It should be 100% in a few days.

If you would like we have a member log in. If you register this just gets you in to our email system so that we can send you updates and great field trip ideas. Plus we are always sharing great travel deals at places like Williamsburg etc. We are always finding awesome homeschool deals!

On our website it also has a new forum. This is for homeschool topics and travel ideas etc. There is a list for state to state places to visit. This is where people share their favorite places to go in each state. It also has a myspace type function. We have had tons of homeschoolers make pages, and the topics and the people are great.

If you wouldn't mind passing this information along we would love it. If you can't see the show please TEVO it. In fact TEVO it twice for each time. We want to get the word out to TLC and others that there is a huge interest about homeschooling and for homeschoolers.

If you enjoy the show you can send an email to  viewermail@figure8films.tv     Let  them know what you liked about he show.

Thank you and if you have any questions please let us know!

Kati and the Loud Family


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