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Apr 10, 12AM
Nourishing & Cherishing God's Flock

Nourishing and Cherishing the Flock of God
Vision Forum
Pastor Scott Brown, Uniting Church and Home

Considerations for Pastoral Care
Regional Leadership Meeting 2008 – Watkinsville, Georgia
April 10, 2008

The nurture and care of the local church is one of the greatest
privileges one can have and one of the finest investments one can make.
What could be more important than the nurture and care of the only
institution God promised to “build” (Matt 16:18)? What could be more
significant than to strengthen the “pillar and support of the truth” (1
Timothy 3:15)? What could be more far reaching than to promote the
mouthpiece for the gospel (Mark 16:15)? What could be more worthwhile
than to give oneself to that people for whom blood was shed? For God
proved the worth of the church when he shed the blood of His beloved Son
for her (Acts 20:28).


These Regional Leadership Meetings are designed to bring together church
leaders in various regions, for the purpose of mutual encouragement,
prayer, vision casting, discipleship and instruction. We will be
answering the question, “what kind of pastoral care and equipping do we
need be bringing to our churches?

We believe that those who are leading family integrated churches are
involved in one of the greatest revivals of biblical church and family
life in American history.


We hope to be a blessing to church leaders and assist them in their
pastoral leadership and care for the flocks God has placed them with. We
will be considering what the Bible says about pastoral care in the local
church in view of the fact that many churches are being planted and
transformed. We are part of a growing movement of church planting and
traditional church transformations regarding church practices and family
life. Currently there are over 600 churches identifying with the NCFIC,
indicating some level of agreement with the principles we are

Who is invited

Pastors, elders, deacons, or those who desire these offices. We do not
wish to restrict family members from attending with the fathers, but do
realize that sensitive pastoral issues will be discussed.


There will be an all day meeting with three presentations, two from
Scott Brown and another from a second speaker. In addition we will
provide time for personal conversation, prayer and group discussion.


City Hall of Watkinsville
191 VFW Drive
Watkinsville, GA 30677
Go to www.scottbrownonline.com to register

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