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Mar 17, 12AM

The American Society of Human Genetics Announces the 3rd Annual DNA Day Essay Contest open to Middle and High School Students.


Visit http://genednet.org/pages/k12_dnaday08.shtml for complete information.


Teachers of first place winners receive $2,000 to purchase classroom equipment!


This year there are separate contests for middle and high school students. The questions are as follows:


MIDDLE SCHOOL (7th & 8th Graders):

1.      Why is it important for us to discover the patterns of genotypic and phenotypic similarity and difference in living things and why should we understand the theories that describe the importance of genetic diversity for species and ecosystems?



2.      Why is it important for us to learn about our family health history? What can our family health/medical history tell us? What doesn't it tell us?


HIGH SCHOOL (9th through 12th Graders):

1.      Discuss the practical implications that genetics research is playing in our lives today. Discuss where it might lead us in the next 10 years.



2.      If you could be a human genetics researcher, what would you study and why? 



Winning students in both contests receive:


First Place Winners: $350.00

Second Place Winners: $250.00

Third Place Winners: $150.00



Essay submission deadline is March 17, 2008 at 5:00 PM EST.


Go to http://genednet.org/pages/k12_dnaday08.shtml for rules, scoring rubrics, and essay submission.



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