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Feb 25, 7PM
Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera

Your presence is requested for the

2nd Annual  Soaring Eagles

Homeschool Ball

February 25, 2008


Coweta County Fairgrounds

Newnan, Georgia

Theme: Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera



Cost: $5 per person with a snack to share 


RSVP to Mrs Karen Reaves reavesfamily@numail.org




Etiquette for the Masquerade Ball



        We humbly request that any 8th through 12th graders who are homeschooled, attend the event in formal attire  with a mask. If not  available, Sunday best (dresses for girls, suits for boys) are acceptable. We only ask for modest attire, no strapless gowns.


        Mrs. Michelle Cox of Victorian Day Camp Adventures will be calling our dances.


        Gentlemen (including married men) are expected to always have an eye open for unattached ladies so that an inquiry could be made as to whether the lady would like to dance. Thus no lady who desired to join in would have been abandoned to be a wallflower. 


        When a gentleman asks a lady to dance she was generally expected to agree unless one of two situations applied. Either (A) she had already been engaged for that particular dance by another gentleman or (B) she was sitting that particular dance out because of illness or being winded. To refuse one gentleman and then accept another for the very same dance was the height of bad manners and was considered an insult not only to the first gentleman who asked but to the host of the Ball as well, the implication being that the man was unworthy and that therefo re the host was unworthy for having allowed the man to participate.


        Dances were not couple events, they were social events. We will strictly adhere to this policy. Please do not bring a date.


          To criticize another for their clothing or dancing ability was out of the question for a historic lady or gentleman.


        Sir, madame and other appropriate titles should be used as well as please and thank you. Bows and curtseys are good form when being introduced or after a dance. Compliments and encouragement are signs of grace and respect toward those learning to dance.


        We expect a very gracious group of ladies and gentlemen to this event. All are expected to behave with the manners, decorum, tastefulness, grace, respect and gratitude appropriate to gentility.


        Please bring a snack to share. Directions will follow in response to your RSVP.


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