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Feb 5, 9AM
Gwinett History Museum

Monthly Home School Days at the Gwinnett History Museum/Lawrenceville Female Seminary, 455 South Perry St., Lawrenceville, GA  30045.


Designed specifically for home schoolers, these classes are held on the first Tuesday of the month in our historic one-room schoolhouse.  Each program will explore a different historical period or topic and its impact on Gwinnett County.  Programs are open to children ages 5 and up and their parents.  The cost is $2 per student, with no charge for adults.  Doors open at 8:55 am and each program lasts from 9:00 am to noon.  Classes include a mix of lecture, videos, hands-on activities, games, and crafts.


Pre-registration is preferred.  Registration opens January 5 for all classes listed here.  Register online at www.gwinnettparks.com using the codes listed below, or call the museum at 770-822-5178 between the hours of 10am and 4pm Monday through Thursday, or noon to 5pm on Saturday.  


1930ís History Day Students will focus on the 1930ís and the Great Depression.  Students will learn how citizens lived during the time and what the lasting effects of the Great Depression were on the United States

Code                                      Ages                       Day         Date                       Times                                    Cost       Taught by

FSHM10172                         5-up                        Tu           1/8                          9:00am to noon                   $2           Staff       

Early Settlers Day Students will learn about the early settlers that helped to form Gwinnett County 

FSHM10173                         5-up                        Tu           2/5                          9:00am to noon                   $2           Staff

School History Day Step back in history to the days of a one-room schoolhouse.      

FSHM10174                         5-up                        Tu           3/4                          9:00am to noon                   $2           Staff

Archaeology Day Students will learn about the techniques that archaeologist use to uncover artifacts and participate in a mock archaeological dig. 

FSHM10175                         5-up                        Tu           4/1                          9:00am to noon                   $2           Staff




Kim Elmore

Outreach Coordinator

Gwinnett History Museum

Lawrenceville Female Seminary

455 South Perry Street

Lawrenceville, GA  30045

tel:  770.822.5178

email:  kim.elmore@gwinnettcounty.com

web:  www.gwinnettparks.com

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