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Jan 8, 9AM
Dr. A's Science Show

Now Registering in Macon! 

January 8th  9:30AM—4 PM

Ingleside Baptist Church

834 Wimbish Road, Macon, GA  31210 

Session  One:  Some of the scientific principles in this 6 hour class of which the students will gain a better understanding are: 1) Cryogenics 2) Bernoulli’s Principle 3) Density 4) Visual Perception 5) Characteristics of Air 6) Is Boiling really hot? (properties of gases) 7) Aerodynamics  and 8) Safety

Hey Kids? Want to Earn your ticket to a Dr. A Show? Visit www.HomeEducationResources.org and click on FundRaisers on details on how you can see Dr. A for FREE!

If you want more information about Dr. A's Science Shows, other locations/dates, want to register to attend a Science Show, or would like more information on how to host your own Science Show (coordinator's children attend at no charge), go to www.HomeEducationResources.org and click on Dr. A and then scroll down to the bottom of that page 

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