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Apr 22, 3PM
Sermon On The Mount

Join us for a wonderful time of fellowship, learning and growing in the Lord. 

What is Sermon On The Mount?

     A ministry whose purpose is to help people understand how healthy relationships develop and how they can experience harmony and success in their own lives.

They do this by showing how a trainer's character wins a horse's trust, which then sets the stage for future success in all areas of training. 

Sermon On The Mount uses Biblical principles to demonstrate loving, 

successful horse and trainer interaction. More information on this ministry

can be found at www.miraclemountainranch.org.  










What to expect:

  •         Watch Lew Sterrett as he works with horses of various stages from untrained to seasoned winners. These sessions can range from a one hour presentation to a several day program.
  •         Listen as Lew explains how the horse understands what the trainer is communicating and how the horse makes the decision whether to follow the trainer's guidance or do his own thing. Learn what specific criteria to use when evaluating and understanding horse behavior.
  •         Observe life lessons from the language of the horse. You will see the horses go from distrust to trust, from stiff and resistant to supple and willing.
  •         Have fun as you watch horses make changes in their thinking that parallel the changes we make in our life decisions.
  •         Be encouraged and strengthened as you witness Biblical relationship principles illustrated in a clear, simple, and powerful manner. 


The Harbin Home

130 Ellison Road

Tyrone, GA 30209


  • A free hot dog meal will be provided afterwards. Please contact us so we will know how many people to expect.
  • Bring your lawn chairs.


Please contact us with any questions

and to let us know how many people to expect.

Michael Harbin  michaelh@harbinagency.com


on Apr 22 call 404-216-3865



This event is proudly sponsored and hosted by: The Harbin Agency


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