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Feb 1, 7PM
Managers of Their Homes

Managers Of Their Homes

Steve and Teri Maxwell, authors of Managers of Their Homes, Managers of

Their Chores, Homeschooling with Meek & Quiet Spirit, Preparing Sons,

Keeping Our Children's Hearts, and Just Around the Corner, will be

presenting an evening conference filled with practical encouragement! Two of

their adult children will be giving sessions for the teens and for children

of any age that are able to sit quietly.


We invite you to join us! There is no cost, but a love offering box will be

available to help with the Maxwells' traveling expenses. We look forward to

seeing you. You can visit the Maxwells' website: www.Titus2.com


For a full conference flyer, please go to www.Titus2.com, on the pink

sidebar, click on Schedule, and you'll find it from there.


Sessions the Maxwells will be giving:

Managers of Their Homes and Chores (Teri)

Family Devotions-Here's How Guaranteed (Steve)

.Success or Failure-Where Are You Headed? (For young men, by Christopher,


Experiencing the Joy of Young Womanhood (For young ladies, by Sarah, 24)

Keeping Our Children's Hearts (Steve & Teri)

Evangelism-Effectively Sharing Christ & Loving It (For young people & teens,

by Christopher)



Questions & Pre-Registration: Pat Fenner, e-mail (fenner7@bellsouth.net) or

phone (229-436-9342). Your pre-registration is greatly appreciated. You may

pre-register (no cost) by contacting Pat by e-mail or phone.

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