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Jan 26-27
The Whole Hearted Mother

W hen you go out for a long walk with a friend, it’s not a task

to be endured, but a journey to be enjoyed. Sure, there

are challenging hills and valleys, but more than that there is

beauty to inspire you, fresh air to invigorate you, and good company

to encourage you. It’s the same thing with your walk with

God as a mother. He wants you to enjoy that special journey

with him, even in the tough spots along the path. He wants to

show you his work and beauty in the world, refresh you with his

Spirit, and enjoy your fellowship along the way. And if that is

what your children see, then that is what they will want as well.

They will be drawn to walk with a God who is enjoyable to walk

with. God’s path of life, like his “yoke,” is not a burden to bear,

but a blessing to believe. That’s what your children will learn

from your own “mom walk” with God. When you become a

mother who walks with Purpose, Assurance, Trust, and Heart.,

you will enjoy the path of life with God, and your children will

follow you, and keep right on following God after you.

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Other books on Christian motherhood by Sally Clarkson.


§ 2007 Hotel Conferences §

Whole Heart Ministries

Keeping Faith in the Family Together

A Conference Ministry of

January 26-27—Atlanta, GA

February 9-10—Irvine, CA

February 23-24—Irving/DFW, TX

www.wholeheart.org / 888-311-2146

with Sally Clarkson


§ 2007 Hotel Conferences §

Tentative Conference Schedule




7:00-9:30 pm—Session1





Sally Clarkson is the mother of four wholehearted children, a

popular conference speaker, and the author of numerous articles and

books on motherhood, including The Mission of Motherhood, The

Ministry of Motherhood, and Seasons of a Mother’s Heart. In January

Harvest House will release her newest book, The Mom Walk. In all of

her books, Sally opens personal and biblical windows into life-giving

motherhood drawn from her life as a Christian and homeschooling

mother. Sally has ministered to families and mothers for over two

decades, and since 1994 through Whole Heart Ministries, a Christian

home and parenting ministry she founded with her husband, Clay.

She also shares her experiences and biblical insights online through

email letters, weblogs, and her WHMoms page. Her heart beats with a

passion for biblical discipleship and encouragement. Her heartfelt

conferences and messages

have inspired

mothers in America

and around the world

to follow God wholeheartedly

at home.

She and Clay have

been married for 25

years and now live

(again) in Monument,

Colorado. § § §

G od will never say to you, “You can stop

walking with me now. Just try to catch

up when you can.” We may slow down from

time to time, but the hand of God will soon

be at our backs, nudging us forward. After

our “last” WHMother Conference in February

2005, we slowed down for a year. But

we soon heard God say to our hearts, “Keep

walking...there’s more to do...minister to my

mothers!” And before I knew it, there was a

new book contract for The Mom Walk, new opportunities to encourage

moms here and around the world, and then doors opening for a

ninth year of WHMother Conferences. So, with the hand of God at

our backs, we simply said, “Yes, Lord,” and here we are again.

This is also my 23rd year of motherhood! I have been so blessed,

and love every part of being a mom, but I can honestly say that I

would have slowed to a crawl long ago if I had not learned early how

to walk with God every day as a mother. There is literally a “world”

of forces conspiring to make me, and you, feel unconfident, overwhelmed,

and incompetent, reduced to living by fear and formula

rather than by faith. But then there’s the steady hand of God at my

back, and his Word speaks to my heart to encourage and strengthen

me to be the mother to my children that he designed me to be.

This year I want to share with you how you can walk with God

as a mother, what I call The Mom Walk in my new book. No, I have

no secret formula to impart, but there is truth from the Word and

help from the Spirit, and God’s invitation to walk with him. I want to

help you find the blessing and joy that God has for you if you will

walk with him every day of every year. And as you follow and walk

with him, so will your precious children. That’s the mom walk!

It is my heartfelt prayer that your heart will be refreshed, encouraged,

and inspired. I am so glad that God has revived this conference.

I want you to return home strong in your own “mom walk”

and ready to give new life from God to your children and home.

In his heart,

Sally Clarkson

You are so encouraging and inspiring. You deliver a message

I don’t hear anywhere else….just what I needed!”

“I was so blessed by the conference! You touched my heart

with God’s truth about being a mother. “

“Thank you so much! I was forever changed.”

“Your ministry is like water in a dry, hot desert.”

“I love your ministry, your heart for your children and for the

Lord! Sally, you and your family are an inspiration.”

——— 1. REGISTER for the Conference ———

Register Online............www.wholeheart.org

Register by Phone .......888-311-2146

All registrations must be made either online (best way), or by phone

(M-F, 9:00-4:00 MT), and paid in full either by a credit/debit card

(Visa/MasterCard) or by check draft (with your bank routing and

account numbers). Register early to insure attendance, room selection,

and rate availability. Refunds after Early Registration ends will

be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. No refunds for cancellations

after Room Rate Cut-Off Date (see below). Registration transfers are

allowed free of charge, but are the responsibility of the registrant.

———— 2. RESERVE a Hotel Room ————

GEORGIA: January 26-27, 2007

Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta Hotel

5750 Windward Parkway

Alpharetta, GA 30005

Reservations: 770-754-9600 or 800-228-9290

Special Room Rate: $84.00/night (up to 4)

Room Rate Cut-Off Date: January 11

You are responsible for making your own hotel reservation. Conference

registration does not include the cost of a hotel room, or additional

fees at some locations for discounted parking. For hotel information

and reservations, call the hotel or visit the Marriott Hotels

website at www.marriott.com. Room reservations must be guaranteed

with a credit card, but may be cancelled without penalty up to

24 hours prior. Ask for the “WholeHearted Mother” group rate

(available Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the conference weekend).

Minimum registration age is 15; no mobile babies or children

are allowed in the ballroom; for mothers with infants (“lap babies”

only), special seating near an exit and a nursing mothers room will

be provided. Complete conference details, with directions and

maps, are available on our ministry website. A conference information

letter will be mailed to all registered guests two weeks prior to

the conference. For airport shuttle information, check with the hotel.

Registration Early: $79.00 Regular: $89.00

GEORGIA by December 29 after December 29

CALIFORNIA by January 12 after January 12

TEXAS by January 26 after January 26




Whole Heart Ministries is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit ministry dedicated

to encouraging and equipping Christian parents to raise wholehearted Christian

children. All proceeds from this event accrue entirely to the ministry.

Great Fellowship

with WHMothers

You need to be with other wholehearted

mothers like you! You need to

be able to laugh and cry and shout

and sigh about the same experiences.

At this conference, you’ll be refreshed,

revived and restored by being around other moms who want the same

thing for their children that you want for yours. Come enjoy the pleasure

of being away in a lovely hotel for the weekend with friends, and be

spiritually encouraged, too. It’s a getaway just for you. Join us!

Heart-Changing Messages

by Sally Clarkson

The heart of a WholeHearted Mother conference is

Sally’s ministry of encouragement and inspiration.

She is a gifted speaker and teacher who touches the

lives of thousands of women and mothers around the

world through her heartfelt messages. She speaks

from her heart to your heart with personal warmth,

real-life humor, biblical insight, and inspirational passion. Expect to

have your heart re-charged, challenged, and changed. Sally’s messages

are drawn from her own full life as a mother of four wholehearted children,

and from her walk with God for over 30 years in ministry, marriage,

and family. Sally’s will speak four times on The Mom Walk.

Faith-Shaping Teaching

by Zan Tyler (CA, TX)

Zan is becoming a partner in our ministry to wholehearted

mothers, both as a speaker and as a coauthor

with Sally for upcoming books. You will love

her down-to-earth and grounded-in-the-Word messages,

spoken from over 20 years as a successful stayat-

homeschooling mother of three, involvement in state and national

leadership, and her work with publishing, writing, and the internet. Zan

will speak twice on the spiritual life of mothers and children.

Vision-Building Perspectives

by Jean Kawiecki (GA, CA, TX)

Jean and her husband, Matt, minister internationally to

families. They personally organize and coordinate educational

conferences in a variety of countries. Their heart is

to train and encourage Christian English-speaking families

around the world who educate their children at home. They have

often used WHM materials, and have considered how Whole Heart

might participate in future events. The Kawieckis have two children.

Thought-Provoking Insights

by Sarah Clarkson (GA, CA, TX)

Sarah Clarkson, Sally’s oldest child and Whole Heart

resident “bookspert,” brings a wealth of insight and

knowledge about life-giving literature and writing. Sarah

wrote her first book at age 16, is working on a book and

a novel, and will write Books for the WholeHearted Child for WHM.

She oversees the WHReaders page and blog on WHOnline. Sarah will

open your heart to heart-building books and literature.




January 26-27, 2007

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