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Dec 9, 9AM
Safeteen Driving Academy


A few weeks ago we sent you an invitation to participate in our SafeTeen Georgia®

Driving Academy event at Atlanta Motor Speedway on December 9th. This event

will provide teens and their parents five hours of safety training and will be the first

step to prepare them for the new Georgia law taking effect on January 1, 2007,

which mandates driver education for all sixteen year olds seeking their driver


Since our last communication, we’ve been able to secure sponsors such as Allstate,

Sprint, Coldwell Banker, Carl Black Buick dealerships and many more and are now

able to offer this event free of charge.

As a special incentive, we’d like to offer your group the following:

· send a minimum of 50 kids (1 adult chaperone requested for each 10


· we will provide you with a full day of driving simulator training at your location

in the spring of 2007 at a date of your choosing (based on availability). Past

experience has shown that simulator training is very beneficial.

To register online by December 6th, use the following link

www.safeamerica.org/ams_teacher.php. For more information, please visit

www.safeamerica.org or call us at 770.973.SAFE or 877.399.SAFE (toll-free).

We look forward to your participation and seeing you on December 9th.


Len A. Pagano

President and CEO

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