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Aug 4-6
Learn How to Bring Dad Home And Get Out of Debt

Learn How to Bring Dad Home
And Get Out of Debt at

          Entrepreneur Days
        A Family Business Conference!

          Two Dates, Two Locations
          August 4-6 - Nashville, Tennessee
          August 25-27 - Los Angeles, California

Dear Parent,
As a homeschooling mom of 7, I've discovered that if I want my
children to have true financial security, I have to train them to
work and invest for themselves.

And they must know how to handle debt.

So my family has created a one-of-a-kind conference where
parents and teens can explore small businesses together.

This year, our  Family Business Conference will be held in two locations:
     Nashville, Tennessee, on August 4-6, and
     Los Angeles, California, on August 25-27, 2006.

Look at this World Class Faculty of Experts:

1.  John Taylor Gatto
     Author of Dumbing Us Down and the Underground History of
America Education.  This famous former NEA Teacher of the Year
now writes about his experiences in public school and offers wise
advice for teachers and parents.

2.  Bob Circosta
     Co-founder of the Home Shopping Network.  Known as the Billion
Dollar Man, Bob now teaches inventors how to get ideas out of
their heads, turn them in to products and offer them on the Home
Shopping Network.

3.  Morgan Westerman

     Producer of The Interview with God.  If you haven’t seen
this incredible work of Internet art, search for it on Google.

4.  Chris Verhaegh

     This stock market expert teaches the basics of trading options.
He mentored my oldest son Drew and sparked the vision in us that
there is more to life than having a job.

5.  Matt Bacak

     This 28-year-old multi-millionaire Internet marketer 
teaches others how to generate an income on the Internet.

6.  Adam Ginsberg

     An eBay Titanium Power Seller, Adam sold $20 million
worth of pool tables on eBay and now shares his secrets with

7.  David Hancock

     The founder of Morgan James Publishing explains why you
should write that book and just how to do it.

8.  John Dessauer

      Learn how to acquire multi-family real estate units to create
passive income from this seasoned real estate investor.

9.  Mauricio Martinez

     My accountant and business consultant can help you learn
how to get out of debt.

10.  Drew Perry

     My oldest son Drew became a real estate investor when he
was 18. Learn how this young homeschooled guy started selling
houses on eBay and brought his dad home from corporate America.

Plus These Two Additional Opportunities:

 •  5 full-day workshops on Thursday offer advanced education!

 •  Don't miss our Bonus Education Calls on Tuesday nights!

          Learn more at  www.EntrepreneurDays.com

          We’d love to have you join us!

So many books, so little time . . .

who is convinced you’ll never think the same again,
after you and your teens attend!

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