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Jun 12, 8AM
TORCH Homeschool Used and New Book Sale

We are pleased to announce that TORCH Homeschool Group will be holding their annual Used/New Curriculum and Book Sale on June 12th 2004.  It will be held at Living Way Church 620 East Atlanta Road Stockbridge, Ga 30281 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. 
Please send this to everyone you know that might be interested as well as to any homeschool groups that you know of.  As homeschoolers most of us are one income families.  Book sales like this are a great way to save money on the upcoming school year.
Here are the details:
- Please bring cash only and small bills
- Tables will be set up by grades. (Pre-K through 12th)  We will also have space available for you to sell other books as well such as novels, parent resources, educational videos etc...
-   It is the sellers responsibility to set out their books on the appropriate table the morning of the sale.  You may begin arriving at 8:00 that morning to get your books out but we need all sellers to be at the sell by 9:00.  This way we will be ready for everyone when we start at 10:00.
-  Each book must be labeled with a 3X5 index card.  It must have on it the sellers name, the name of the book, and the price of the book.  If you have a set of books that you want to sell together, please rubberband these as such and also write set of  ____ on your index card.  We cannot sell any books that are not labeled in this manner.
-  The check out process will be as follows:  When the buyer is ready to check out, we will take the index card off the book, add it in a total for the buyer and then place the index card in an envelope for the seller.  At the end of the sale, each persons index cards will be totaled up and they will be given this amount of money. 
-  Please note, we will do our best to make sure that every book is accounted for, we are not responsible for books that are missing or that have been taken.  We will set up our payment table right as you go out the door to try to avoid this happening.
 -  The fee for selling is as follows:  TORCH members may sale with no charge, Non-TORCH members will be charged $ 3.00  This fee can be paid the day of the booksale but will need to be paid when you check in.
-  At the end of the sale, any books/materials not picked up will become property of the TORCH Homeschool Group.
-  If you want to sell, please contact one of the two people listed below.  We will send you out a form to complete and send back.  Last year we had a great turn out and hope to do even better this year.
Please contact either Michelle Gomez, (770) 389-5678 or Mickig1@aol.com or Kelly Romero, (770) 507-9135 or rizi@bellsouth.net

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