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Feb 6, 8AM
Homeschool Day at the Capitol

Monday, February 6, 2006

Hosted by HEIR of Georgia

Mark your calendar and begin to plan your field trip to attend Home Education Day at the Capitol. An excellent field trip for individual families or support groups, Capitol Day provides learning opportunities as well as the fun and excitement of going to Atlanta, riding MARTA to the Capitol, spending the day getting to know more about Georgia state government and our beautiful Capitol, and meeting other home educators and legislators from around the state.

Glenn Richardson, Speaker of the House, expects the legislative session on Mondays to start later than on other days.
Tours are scheduled throughout the day and all have space available for reservation. (See note 1 below.)
We’ll ask the Governor for a photo-op! The Governor’s office cannot commit before the beginning of the session.
Future notices will have information on a group meeting with legislators and HEDC resolutions.


8:00 - 9:00 - Setup
9:00 – 12:00 - Meet with legislators, browse tables (South Atrium), take tour, visit museum
10:45 - We’ll ask the Governor for a photo op at this time (North Atrium)
12:00 - 1:00 - Concert (Home-educated student ensembles provide live music in North Atrium. If you're interested in performing on Capitol Day, please contact Brad Ragan at bradragan868@comcast.net.)
1:00 - Attend sessions or committee meetings, meet with legislators, browse tables, take tour, visit museum

Here’s what you can do now to prepare for this exciting event:

1. E-mail Joni Hyde (hyde1984@bellsouth.net) to reserve your spot in a tour. Guided tours will occur at 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 1:00, and 2:00. All tours will accommodate 60 people. Unlike last year, the tours will not begin with a movie. So far, the Capitol Tour Office will host all tours.

2. If you don’t already know your state Senate or House district numbers, look them up at Project Vote-Smart. Just put in your address. Call or write to arrange a meeting with your State Representative and Senator to discuss your interest in home education issues in Georgia.

You may wish to tell them you’re interested in protecting the freedom of Georgians to home educate and that you’d be happy to be contacted for your perspective as a home educator anytime they need insight. Do not be intimidated. Our representatives are ordinary folks and will appreciate your sincerity and willingness to talk with them. Be friendly and assume they mean well, regardless of their political party, their stance on other issues, or their current position on home education. The aim is to establish dialog with them so that you will have future opportunities to persuade them. Later, in the potential heat of political conflict, yours will be a friendly name and voice they will respect and be willing to listen to. Being involved citizens best protects our interests! Legislators have told us they get incredible numbers of requests for their attention every day. The ones they listen to, they tell us, are their constituents who want to talk with them.

3. Send us flyers, brochures, and contact information about sports, fine arts, and enrichment programs that feature home-educated students. Also, send us photos and write-ups of your solo performer. Send the information via email attachment to info@heir.org and we’ll forward to the appropriate person. The information will be featured on the display tables in the South Atrium of the Capitol.

4. Send us a sample of your support group newsletter as explained in the “Table Displays” section below.

5. Visit the Georgia General Assembly website to familiarize yourself with the legislative process going on now and on Capitol Day. Search for legislation related to “home study” or “education,” and become acquainted with the issues Georgia lawmakers are addressing. Some of it has the potential to greatly affect YOU.

6. Visit The Virtual Capitol Tour Online to familiarize your children with our Capitol and take a virtual tour in preparation for the real thing. Visit the teachers' section for teacher resources. Visit the field trips section for restroom locations and places to dine, the directions section for driving directions and parking locations, and visit the Marta website for a map of the MARTA rail system and parking locations.

7. Visit the HEIR website regularly to get up-to-date information on specifics as they are posted.

8. Plan to Wear Your Homeschool Group’s Logo to the capitol. If your group has a logo or just a special name, be sure to print name tags that include your group information for your members to wear to the capitol. Include the name of your group, the city or county you live in, and, of course, your name. Otherwise, we will have name tags available at the capitol.

9. Where are they now? Send photos of homeschool graduates at their colleges or professions. Include graduate name, town of origin, date graduated, current location & activity, and brief quote by graduate grateful for the homeschool opportunity!

Table Displays
Displays in the South Atrium of the Capitol will feature various activities and interests of home educators:
1. Sports
2. Fine Arts / Other Extracurricular Activities (displays coordinated by Susan Davis)
3. Colleges / Admissions
4. Enrichment Programs, Unique Methodology, Internships, Learning Styles, Curriculum Variety
5. “Face of Homeschooling” Support Group Activities and Support Group Newsletter/Brochure/Other – We’ll have displays devoted to home education support groups, and we’d love to have yours featured. First, we’d like to have a copy of your support group newsletter to include in a file for legislators to browse. Please send one now via email attachment to info@heir.org. We will file these by county, so be sure we know where you’re located. We would also like to have notebooks featuring the activities of your support group to display on our table. Your notebook can contain pictures, publications, descriptions of activities, or whatever else you’d like. The more exciting they are, the more we think other home educators and legislators’ll enjoy them. Bring the notebook with you on HEDC.
(displays coordinated by CSRA-HEA, Central Savannah River Area Home Education Association)
6. Legislative/policy issues (displays coordinated by HEIR.)
7. GHEA is coordinating the displays of a table with information of interest to home educators.

Observe sessions or committee meetings
To observe a legislative session, just go to the gallery entrance of either the Senate or the House. The galleries are on the fourth floor. You can acquire a calendar listing the day’s agenda for each chamber from the Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives and the Office of the Secretary of the Senate Office, 353, respectively.

Visit your Representative and Senator
Set up a meeting with your legislators in advance. The Legislative Office Building is South of the Capitol, across Mitchell Street from the Capitol. If your legislator is on the floor of the chamber, you can ask a page serving that chamber to request the legislator to step out to visit you; however, requesting a meeting in advance is probably the more considerate thing to do.

Photo-Ops and Concert
The concert will occur in the North Atrium of the Capitol between noon and 1:00pm. Given the short amount of performance time available, larger ensembles are given preference to perform.

If  you have additional questions please visit www.heir.org  or send them an e-mail at info@heir.org They should be able to help you.

Send upcoming events to events@ghea.org

The Association will serve and assist any home schooling family or support group in Georgia, however, GHEA is a Christian organization and the counsel and direction of the organization will be Christian.

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