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Oct 17-18
TeenPact "Christ to the Capitol"

Attention all Home Educators, Co-ops, Homeschool Groups, and Christian Schools!


A wonderful opportunity is coming to Georgia on October 17-18 and November 10-11, 2005!  Please share the good news with all home educators and homeschool groups in your area. 


TeenPact’s new “Christ to the Capitol” program is a motivating 2-day leadership, citizenship, and government experience held at your state capitol.  Keeping the focus on Christ, this class will equip students with the skills and passion to impact our nation. 


To participate, students should be 12 years old or older.


Students participating in TeenPact's Christ to the Capitol program will observe state government at work and will get a glimpse of what goes on "behind the marble steps."


Christ to the Capitol will train young men and women in citizenship and justice.  Morning sessions will begin with praise and worship followed by a devotional.  Students will write their own bills and will debate them throughout the 2-day experience.  Special speakers, who may include the Governor, Secretary of State, Chief Justice, representatives, or senators, will address the class.  Field experiences will focus on specific issues of government such as watching our state legislature at work, observing parliamentary procedure, and learning how a bill becomes a law.  This is a hands-on program. 


Students will understand the importance of being involved in the political process.  Our goal is to inspire students to be knowledgeable, effective, and bold leaders for Christ.


Additionally, in many ways, Christ to the Capitol will benefit your state.  Legislators are encouraged by the students' involvement, and appreciate their interest.  Politically informed students are great assets for Godly leaders who seek public office. 


Christ to the Capitol is a great field-trip opportunity for your homeshool classes and co-ops!  


Students can register for this $99 event online at www.TeenPact.com by clicking the “Christ to the Capitol” icon or visiting the link below.




“Christ to the Capitol fall two day program is a great opportunity for students who are reluctant to take a full-week off from school.  The casual dress and less emphasis on tradition make this a great addition to fall curriculum.  Home educated students, homeschool co-ops, and Christian schools will find this experience an outstanding way to learn about state government and Christian activism in a fun way.”

 – Tim Echols, Founder and President of TeenPact Leadership Schools


For questions or more information, please call the TeenPact office at 1-888-343-1776 or visit www.TeenPact.com.  Please share the information about this dynamic opportunity with others. 



Bryn Piper


P.S.  For TeenPact alumni students (4-Day program), there is a $75 discount if you register online for Christ to the Capitol, making your final price only $24!

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