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Sep 21-22
Homeschool Festival at Biltmore Estate

4th Annual Homeschool Festival at Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

September 21 and 22, 2005

Join us for a day filled with creative learning as we discover the world

around us. This year's theme is "Legacy of the Land." Exhibits will include

arboriculture with a climbing

demonstration; learn about our bluebird nesting program; learn how to make

an arrowhead from stone and how excavations have taken place on the estate;

wildlife in North Carolina exhibits - the list goes on. For more information

on this exciting festival, please log onto our website at www.biltmore.com,

click on Educational Programs and then the Homeschool Festival Link. You

may go directly to the Homeschool Festival page by going to

www.biltmore.com/special/educational/homeschool.shtml .

Registrations are open and based on availability. Please call 866-851-4661

to make your reservation or ask any questions. The price is only $19.00 per

person ($20 savings for adults). This ticket also allows entry into the

rest of the wonders of Biltmore Estate, including Biltmore House - America's

Largest Home, Century Old Gardens, Award Winning Winery and Farm Village

(where the learning continues!). Come experience the enchantment and

learning opportunities at Biltmore Estate.


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