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Aug 22-25

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The Student Writing Intensive course is an opportunity to introduce children to the Structure & Style approach as well as serve as a “boost” to students who have some experience.  Four lessons will teach children specific models and techniques from the Syllabus of Structure & Style, including how to:


·         take notes and summarize from references

·         structure a “cohesive” paragraph

·         summarize a narrative story in 3 sections

·         “dress-up” a composition

·         outline a report using multiple references

·         use a variety of sentence “openers”

·         use checklists to evaluate writing style


ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR:  Beckie Evans, from Aiken, S.C.,  homeschooled her three children from K-12th grade.  Her additional teaching experience includes several years in the classroom and private tutoring.  She has been a distributor of IEW materials for several years, attended Andrew Pudewa’s Teacher Training Seminar in Tacoma, WA last summer, and continues to instruct IEW writing classes in the Aiken/Augusta area.  In addition, she is a certified Spell to Write and Read trainer and conducts two-day Basic SWR Seminars throughout the Southeast.


COST:  $85 per child (cost includes SWI Syllabus)

              $75 each additional child in a family


CLASS SIZE:  Maximum of 24 in each level   


WHAT TO BRING:  A blue or black ink pen and a                          

                                     thesaurus (if you have one)


LOCAL CONTACT:  Kelly Bilak – 678-413-1075    



AUGUST 22-25, 2005



Prospect Methodist Church

6752 Hwy 212

Covington, GA   30016

SWI Group A (Grades 4-5)                             8:30-11:00

Day 1 – Outlines, Summary, Dress-Up

Day 2 – Story Summary, Dress-Up

Day 3 – Reference Summary, Paragraph Structure

Day 4 – Creative Writing


SWI Group B (Grades 6-7)                             12:00-2:30

Day 1 – Outlines, Summary, Dress-Up

Day 2 – Story Summary, Dress-Up

Day 3 – Reference Summary, Paragraph Structure,

              Sentence Opener

Day 4 – Creative Writing, Sentence Openers


SWI Group C (Grades 8 -10+)                         3:00-5:30

Day 1 – Note-taking, Story Summary, Dress-Up

Day 2 – Summarizing References (Unit IV), Sentence


Day 3 – Multiple Reference Summary (Unit VI), S.O.

Day 4 – Formal Essay, Advanced Style

Each session will last 2 ˝ hours daily.  Students may be asked to do minimal work at home to complete each day’s project but significant time is devoted to in-class writing and individual coaching.  Previous experience with the Structure and Style syllabus may be helpful but is not required.


Moms/Teachers are invited and encouraged to attend free of charge!                                                                                        



  REGISTRATION FORM - IEW Student Writing Intensive



















First: _______________ Last:  ________________Age:  ______    Group A (Gr. 4-5)     B (Gr. 6-7)      C (Gr. 8+)


First:  ______________  Last: ________________ Age: ______     Group A (Gr. 4-5)     B (Gr. 6-7)      C (Gr. 8+)


First: _______________ Last: ________________ Age: ______     Group A (Gr. 4-5)     B (Gr. 6-7)      C (Gr. 8+)


Parent’s Name: ______________________________________   I ___do/ ___do not plan to attend with my child.


Address: ____________________________________ City: ______________  State: ________ Zip:__________


Phone: (______) ______________   E-mail: _________________________________


$25 non-refundable deposit per child to save place in class    ___________Amt. Enclosed    __________Amt. Due

Please make check payable to Beckie Evans.  Mail to: 3210 Colonial Dr., Aiken, SC 29801



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