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Aug 15-19


            Michele Cox will also offer an INTERNATIONAL DANCE CAMP for homeschoolers. 

This camp is offered to GIRLS AND BOYS, ages 9 and up thru teens.

So many homeschoolers have attended programs and Civil War Balls at Southern Oaks and enjoyed the dancing, that Mrs. Cox is now offering a camp dedicated to folk dancing from many countries.

            At the camp, students will learn many types of dances—line, circle, couple—from such regions as Greece, Israel, France, Germany, the Balkans, Russia, and they’ll also learn English Country Dancing, which originated in the 1600s.

            In addition to learning dances, campers will also make and sample foods from other countries, as well as make some costumes and learn a bit of the customs and language from these regions.

            Mrs. Cox will teach the basics in a fun, easy-going style, and no previous dance experience is necessary.  (and no hugging or embracing in this kind of dancing…)

            A minimum of 12 is needed to conduct this camp.

            Date and Time:  Aug. 15 – 19;  9am to 2pm; program for the parents at 7 pm on Friday.

            Cost:  $100

            Deadline:  Please reserve your child’s spot by August 8.

            Contact:  Call Michele Cox – 770-460 0890  or email: Victorianlady@mindspring.com


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