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Sep 23-25
Homeschool Civil War Reenactment

They are coming!


To Which side will you pledge your loyalties?



Homeschool Civil War Reenactment

September 23-25, 2005


History comes alive when families come together in their hoop skirts and haversacks to recreate the 4th annual Homeschool Civil War Reenactment! Fathers and their sons (all ages) receive letters from either Lincoln or Davis conscripting them into service. After strapping on their gun (a wood cut-out which shoots huge rubber bands) and putting on their hat they get ready for a weekend of drilling by a Georgia Reenactor’s group and fighting against the “enemy.” Real battles are recreated however the outcomes can sometimes be a little different! Mothers and daughters spend the weekend in long dresses, cooking over open fires, learning handicrafts and serving as nurses to the wounded. After all the fighting is over, everyone buries their differences to partake of a whole hog bar-b-que and a Civil War Ball. As Sunday morning rolls around and families begin the transition back to modern times, a campfire service is held by Pastor Kyle Woodfin bringing the focus of the weekend to the Lord:  a wonderful weekend full of memories, new friends and a much better understanding of the time period. The event is held on 60 undeveloped acres in Greenville, Georgia and is open to all Homeschool families.

 Cost of the weekend is $20 per person with $10 due at registration and the remaining balance due at the event.


 This event is sponsored by Legacy Outdoor Ministries- operated by Homeschool family Kyle and Alanna Woodfin. To register or for any questions contact Christi McCully 770-253-7856.


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