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GHEA Media
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1301 Ruth Martin What is Homeschooling    
1302 Ruth Martin Know the Law    
1303 Ruth Martin Getting Started    
1304 Ruth Martin Choosing Curriculum    
1305 Woody Robertson The Coming College Tsunami and the Huge Opportunity for Homeschoolers    
1306 Sharon Grimes Stressed?!? or Blessed!!!    
1307 Jonathan Sarfati The Christian Roots of Science    
1311 Kevin Swanson Why Homeschooling Will Change the World    
1312 Skeet Savage Homeschooling Without Support    
1313 Carol Barnier 17 Years of Homeschooling, And I Hardly Twitch at All    
1314 Ruth Martin Getting Started    
1318 Jonathan Sarfati Dinosaurs & the Age of the Earth    
1319 Woody Robertson Bachelor’s Degree by Age 18: Inspiring Students With a Vision    
1320 Sharaon Grimes You Mean I CAN'T Do It ALL ... At Once?!?    
1321 Gary Bates Changes in living things over time—Is this evolution?    
1325 Carol Barnier Help! How Do I Teach This Highly Distractible Child    
1326 Skeet Savage Overcoming Obstacles to Homeschooling    
1327 Kevin Swanson How to Raise Authentic, Heart-Deep, God-Loving Kids Instead of Fake Hypocrites    
1328 Ruth Martin High School Record Keeping and Transcripts    
1332 Gary Bates Myth-Busting the Icons of Evolution    
1333 Kevin Swanson Homeschooling – Capturing the Vision!    
1334 Kevin Swanson High School - The Critical Years for Mind and Heart    
1335 Dad's Panel    
1336 Carol Barnier Give Your Child a Love of Missions    
1337 Jonathan Sarfati Science or ‘Spin’? Real Science Supports the Bible!    
1341 Jane Robbins Why Common Core is Bad for America    
1342 Woody Robertson Motivating Guys to Take Ownership of Their Education    
1343 Greg & Connie Brezina How to Have a Great Marriage While Homeschooling    
1344 Gary Bates The UFO phenomenon—Stealing the Minds of a Generation    
1348 Kevin Swanson Pragmatism: The Slippery Slide to Hell    
1349 Wendy Dahlgren How to Prepare for College Admissions    
1350 Carol Barnier Teaching Your Child to Read Made Easy    
1351 Skeet Savage Taking Off the Training Wheels    
1355 Sharon Grimes Conquering a Heart of Anger    
1356 Gary Bates Grounded in Creation—the answer to why bad things happen to ‘good’ people    
1360 Jonathan Sarfati Creation Declares the Glory of God! - Incredible Design    
1361 Carol Barnier A Prodigal Speaks Out    
1365 Kevin Swanson Graduation Address    

The Association will serve and assist any home schooling family or support group in Georgia, however, GHEA is a Christian organization and the counsel and direction of the organization will be Christian.

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