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GHEA Media
No Speaker Topic MP3s # CDs # DVDs
1101 Ruth Martin What is Home Schooling    
1102 Ruth Martin Know the Law    
1103 Ruth Martin Getting Started    
1104 Ruth Martin Choosing Curriculum    
1105 Voddie Baucham Home Education Why & How    
1106 Vicki Bentley Getting Kids to Help at Home    
1109 Citizen Impact The Christian Heritage of America    
1111 Joyce Herzog Nifty Tricks to Excite, Delight & Unite Your Family    
1112 My Father's World Combining Classical Education, Charlotte Mason & Unit Studies    
1113 Todd Wilson Dream Big (Teen)    
1114 Ken Ham If the Foundation s are Destroyed    
1115 Todd Wilson Lies Homeschoolers Believe    
1116 Dianne Craft Identifying & Correcting Blocked Learning Gates    
1117 Sue Jakes Homeschooling as a Single Parent    
1118 Accountable Kids Raising Accountable Kids    
1120 Ebaru Publishing Teach Your Child Music    
1121 Everyday Steward Five Financial Questions    
1124 Samaritan Ministries Education & Economics in Charity & Health Care    
1125 Kevin Swanson Becomming Tomorrows Leaders    
1126 Kevin Swanson Home Sscooling: Capturing the Vision    
1127 Vicki Bentley Multi-Level Teaching    
1128 Dianne Craft Smart Kids Who Hate to Write    
1129 Greg & Connie Brezina Raising Godly Children    
1130 Homeschool Psych Psychology for Homeschoolers?    
1131 My Father's World Occupying Preschoolers While Teaching Others    
1132 Pinata Publishing Teaching Historical Fiction with a Twist    
1133 Real Science 4 Kids Sciende - YIKES! Where Do I Start?    
1134 Regent University College Preperation & the Homeschooled Student    
1136 The Etiquette Factor Etiquette Training for Beginners    
1137 Tim Cannady Materialism Mayhem    
1138 Voddie Baucham Culture Wars: How they Affect the Homeschool    
1139 Todd Wilson Get Real    
1140 Appelrouth Tutoring Applerouth's Guide to SAt Success    
1141 Bread Beckers Do Not Eat the Bread of Idleness    
1142 Gary Bates UFOs, Aliens & the Evolutiion Connection    
1145 Sonbeams A FUN Introduction to Early Education    
1147 Vintage Remedies Sidetracked Child: Hoe Botanicals & Nutrition    
1148 Tim Cannady Paying for College (Teen)    
1149 Ken Ham Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World    
1150 Voddie Baucham Holding to the Foundations    
1151 Ken Ham Understanding a Loving God    
1152 Kevin Swanson How to Ride the Rapids Without Falling Out of the Boat    
1153 Sue Jakes Raising Boys    
1154 Citizen Impact The Christian Heritage of America    
1155 Excellence in Writing Story Writing & Book Reports    
1156 Fran Child A Family's Journey to Entrepreneurship    
1157 Todd Wilson Taming the Techno Beast    
1158 Dianne Craft Teaching the Right Brain Child    
1159 Apologia Teaching junior & High School Sciences    
1160 Covenent Books Using Biblical Faith to Establish a Worldview    
1163 Memoria Press What is Classical Education?    
1164 My Father's World You can Homeschool High School!    
1166 Total Language Plus Breathing Life Into Language Arts    
1167 Vicki Bentley Organized (well almost!)    
1168 Amazing Adventures Helping Your Child Love God's Word    
1169 Bread Beckers Healthy Eating Simplified    
1170 Gary Bates Six Days... Really? Refuting Compromise    
1172 GA Perimeter College Why Dual Enrollment Works  
1174 Sonlight Curriculum Literature-Rich Homeschooling  
1175 The Struggling Reader The Strugglling Reader  
1176 Kevin Swanson What Every High Schooler Needs to Know  
1177 Dianne Craft Biology of Behavior & Learning  
1179 Alpha Omega Publications Plan Less & teach More  
1180 Math-U- See Math is Easy When It's Math-U-See  
1180 My Father's World Hands-On Kindergarten 7 First Grade  
1182 Tara Simon Studios Fine Arts Workshop  
1184 Well-Planned Day Help! I Can't Pay For College  
1185 Zeezok Publishing Do I Have to Take US Government?  
1187 Kevin Swanson 2011 Graduation Address  
1189 Berry College Myths & Facts About Private Colleges  
1190 Classical Conversations The Foundation of a Classical Education  
1191 Memoria Press Why teach Latin?  
1194 Verity Institute Higher Education : Is It Bringing Us Down?  
1195 Outside Hollywood Coalition The 1 Hr Film School (Teen)  
1196 Ken Ham Key to Rebuilding the Foundations  

The Association will serve and assist any home schooling family or support group in Georgia, however, GHEA is a Christian organization and the counsel and direction of the organization will be Christian.

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