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GHEA Media
No Speaker Topic MP3s # CDs # DVDs
901 Ruth Martin What is Homeschooling    
902 Ruth Martin The Homeschool Law    
903 Ruth Martin Getting Started    
904 Ruth Martin Choosing Curriculum    
905 Tom Clark Avoiding Trouble Spots in Math    
906 Greg & Connie Brezina Homeschooling Boys    
907 Andrew Pudewa Reaching the Reluctant Writer  
908 Rebecca Powell Passionate Parenting: Prescription for Mommy Burnout    
909 My Father's World Combining Classical Education, Charlotte Mason, and Unit Studies with a Christian Perspective    
910 The Courtship Connection Kathie Morrissey - Managing Multi-Level Teaching    
917 Ruth Martin Highschool: You Can Do It    
920 Vision Forum The Centrality of Scripture in Your Home Education    
921 Bill Potter Why History is the Most Important Subject You Will Ever Teach    
922 Rebecca Bonam Preparing for Piano Competitions    
929 Greg & Connie Brezina Dealing With Sibling Rivalry    
930 Rebecca Powell How To Date Your Kids: Creating Special Moments for Holding Your Child�s Heart    
931 Tom Clark Teaching Math Without a Plan? You�ve Got to be Kidding!  
932 Russell Humphreys Starlight & Time    
933 Jim Stobaugh A Fire That Burns But Does Not Consume    
934 My Father's World Hands-on Kindergarten and First Grade    
941 Andrew Pudewa The Profound Influence of Music on Life  
942 Mike Smith Whats The Future of Homeschooling?  
945 Andrew Pudewa The Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing  
946 Jim Stobaugh SAT Preparation for Christian Students    
947 Sue Becker Not by Bread Alone    
948 Bill Potter A Military History of the Bible    
954 Rebecca Powell 13 Going on Dirty: Five Things Every Mom Needs to Know About Her Son    
956 Mike Smith How to Protect Your Family Against a Truant Officer or Social Worker Visit  
957 Rich Powell 13 Going on Flirty: Five Things Every Dad Needs to Know About His Daughter    
958 Barry Doublestein The Importance of Arts Education (Even If Your Kids Aren�t    
959 Baker Tritten Press Reluctant Readers and Creative Children    
965 Russell Humphreys Evidence For a Young World    
966 Tom Clark What Is �Critical Thinking�, and Can Anyone Do It?    
967 Andrrew Pudewa Teaching and Motivating Boys & Girls -- How They Learn Differently  
969 Vision Forum Reformation and Revival: Lessons from Malachi and the 5th Century B.C.    
977 2009 Graduation Honoring the Graduates of 2009  
978 My Father's World Occupying Toddlers and Preschoolers while Teaching Others    
979 Jim Stobaugh Designing a High School Program    
983 ALERT Academy Winning and Keeping the Heart of Your Young Adult    
984 Source of Light Ministries Growing Mission Minded Kids    

The Association will serve and assist any home schooling family or support group in Georgia, however, GHEA is a Christian organization and the counsel and direction of the organization will be Christian.

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