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GHEA Media
No Speaker Topic MP3s # CDs # DVDs
601A Ruth Martin What is Home Schooling    
602A Ruth Martin The Home School Law    
603A Ruth Martin Getting Started    
604A Ruth Martin Choosing Curriculum    
601 Little Bear What's Life's Missing Link      
605 DTI Training SAT Bootcamp    
610 Mary Ann Eagleson From Dependence to Independence    
611 Bread Beckers Do Not Eat the Bread of Idleness    
612 Math-U-See Clarity and Fun in All Levels of Math    
614 Homeschooling From the Heart Navigating the Middle School Years    
616 La Clasa Divertida How to Study Spanish as a Family    
620 Terry Wilfong College Options    
621 Little Bear William Wallace      
624 My Father's World Combining Classical Ed & Others    
626 Inst. For Excellence in Writing Writing the Essay    
629 Little Bear Teaching Your Children to Stand Alone      
630 Reb Bradley The Delightful Family  
636 Family Resources Build Christian Character in Our Children    
634 Dreamer Resources Dreamers, Drivers & Diplomats    
637 Gary DeMar Defending Attacks on our Christian Heritage    
638 Sharon Grimes If Mama Ain't Healthy  
640 Accountable Kids Develop Accountability, Responsibility    
642 Educating for Success Educate to Become Financially Stable    
645 Governor Sonny Perdue Graduation 2006  
646 Reb Bradley The Power of a Strong Family  
647 Sharon Grimes Conquering a Heart of Anger    
648 Little Bear Building a Multigenerational Heritage      
650 Terry Wilfong College Admissions and Financing    
654 Analytical Grammar The Term Paper    
656 Gary DeMar Defending the Christian Faith    
657 Little Bear Turning the Hearts of the Fathers      
659 Ruth Martin High School - You Can Do It    
661 Apologia Teaching Jr High & High School Science    
663 Ring Around the Phonics Fun & Successful Way to Teach Reading    
665 Vicki Sloderbeck A Joyous Journey Just for Two    
666 Reb Bradley Winning Your Children's Hearts  
667 Sharon Grimes Let Us Not Grow Weary    
668 Todd Wilson Help! I'm Married to a Homeschool Mom    
669 My Father's World Occupying Toddlers While Teaching Others    
674 Sharon Grimes Stresssed or Blessed    
675 Reb Bradley Establishing Parental Control on Your Home  
676 Gary DeMar Myths, Lies and Half Truths    
678 Homeschooling From the Heart Traditional? Classical? Confused?    
681 Educating for Success The Biggest Gap in Education    
684 Brodsky Ministries Bringing Dad Home    
685 Familyman Ministries Every Dad a Homeschooling Dad    
689 Little Patriot DVD Parent Presentation      

The Association will serve and assist any home schooling family or support group in Georgia, however, GHEA is a Christian organization and the counsel and direction of the organization will be Christian.

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