GHEA Conference Recordings

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GHEA Media
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504 Jeff Myers Discernment - Raising a 'Thought-full' Child    
506 Alpha Omega Publishing Switched on Schoolhouse    
507 Beautiful Feet Books Teaching History Through Literature    
512 Kay Ness Homeschooling the Autistic Child    
514 Gary DeMar Thinking Straight in a Crooked Worls    
515 KONOS Learning for Life and Loving It    
517 Power-Glide Foreign Language Learning that Works    
518 Notgrass Company Making Your Homeschool Simpler & More Effective    
520 Doug Phillips The Wise Woman's Guide to Blessing her Husband    
523 Sonlight Curriculum Guarabteed Educational Adventure of a Lifetime    
524 Common Courtesy Honor: The Forgotton Path to Being Valued by God    
525 Merritt Park Press Hesitant and Reluctant Writers - How we can Encourage    
526 Growint Scholars Who (or What) is Charlotte Mason?    
527 Jeff Myers Discovering Your Child's Gifts    
528 Sue Jakes Encouragement for Single Moms    
529 Inst. For Learning Abilities The Bellefonds Method to Attack Learning Disabilities    
532 Total Language Plus Breathing Life Into Language Arts    
535 Homeschooling from the Heart Recognizing Those Things That Steal Our Joy    
536 Championship Chess Chess- It's More Than a Game    
538 Doug Phillips Have Dominion Over the Earth  
539 Doug Phillips The Visionary Father's Role in Home Education    
542 Keystone High School High School for Homeschoolers    
547 Jeff Myers Rescuing Your Children from the Culture of Irresponsibility    
548 Greg & Connie Brezina The Importance of a Good Marriage in Your Homeschool    
549 Gary DeMar America's Christian History: Fact or Fiction    
555 Doug Phillips How to Think Like a Christian    
556 Kay Ness Dyslexia and Reading Difficulties    
558 Sue Jakes Priorities for Single Moms    
559 Learning Styles What are Learning Styles    
563 Doug Phillips The Beauty & Power of the Fifth Commandment    
564 Jeff Myers How to Transform your Home, Church, & Community    
570 Art Attack Why Art is Essential in Your Child's Education!    

The Association will serve and assist any home schooling family or support group in Georgia, however, GHEA is a Christian organization and the counsel and direction of the organization will be Christian.

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