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GHEA Media
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601A Ruth Martin What is Home Schooling    
602A Ruth Martin The Home School Law    
603A Ruth Martin Getting Started    
604A Ruth Martin Choosing Curriculum    
601 Little Bear What's Life's Missing Link      
605 DTI Training SAT Bootcamp    
610 Mary Ann Eagleson From Dependence to Independence    
611 Bread Beckers Do Not Eat the Bread of Idleness    
612 Math-U-See Clarity and Fun in All Levels of Math    
614 Homeschooling From the Heart Navigating the Middle School Years    
616 La Clasa Divertida How to Study Spanish as a Family    
620 Terry Wilfong College Options    
621 Little Bear William Wallace      
624 My Father's World Combining Classical Ed & Others    
626 Inst. For Excellence in Writing Writing the Essay    
629 Little Bear Teaching Your Children to Stand Alone      
630 Reb Bradley The Delightful Family  
636 Family Resources Build Christian Character in Our Children    
634 Dreamer Resources Dreamers, Drivers & Diplomats    
637 Gary DeMar Defending Attacks on our Christian Heritage    
638 Sharon Grimes If Mama Ain't Healthy  
640 Accountable Kids Develop Accountability, Responsibility    
642 Educating for Success Educate to Become Financially Stable    
645 Governor Sonny Perdue Graduation 2006  
646 Reb Bradley The Power of a Strong Family  
647 Sharon Grimes Conquering a Heart of Anger    
648 Little Bear Building a Multigenerational Heritage      
650 Terry Wilfong College Admissions and Financing    
654 Analytical Grammar The Term Paper    
656 Gary DeMar Defending the Christian Faith    
657 Little Bear Turning the Hearts of the Fathers      
659 Ruth Martin High School - You Can Do It    
661 Apologia Teaching Jr High & High School Science    
663 Ring Around the Phonics Fun & Successful Way to Teach Reading    
665 Vicki Sloderbeck A Joyous Journey Just for Two    
666 Reb Bradley Winning Your Children's Hearts  
667 Sharon Grimes Let Us Not Grow Weary    
668 Todd Wilson Help! I'm Married to a Homeschool Mom    
669 My Father's World Occupying Toddlers While Teaching Others    
674 Sharon Grimes Stresssed or Blessed    
675 Reb Bradley Establishing Parental Control on Your Home  
676 Gary DeMar Myths, Lies and Half Truths    
678 Homeschooling From the Heart Traditional? Classical? Confused?    
681 Educating for Success The Biggest Gap in Education    
684 Brodsky Ministries Bringing Dad Home    
685 Familyman Ministries Every Dad a Homeschooling Dad    
504 Jeff Myers Discernment - Raising a 'Thought-full' Child    
506 Alpha Omega Publishing Switched on Schoolhouse    
507 Beautiful Feet Books Teaching History Through Literature    
512 Kay Ness Homeschooling the Autistic Child    
514 Gary DeMar Thinking Straight in a Crooked Worls    
515 KONOS Learning for Life and Loving It    
517 Power-Glide Foreign Language Learning that Works    
518 Notgrass Company Making Your Homeschool Simpler & More Effective    
520 Doug Phillips The Wise Woman's Guide to Blessing her Husband    
523 Sonlight Curriculum Guarabteed Educational Adventure of a Lifetime    
524 Common Courtesy Honor: The Forgotton Path to Being Valued by God    
525 Merritt Park Press Hesitant and Reluctant Writers - How we can Encourage    
526 Growint Scholars Who (or What) is Charlotte Mason?    
527 Jeff Myers Discovering Your Child's Gifts    
528 Sue Jakes Encouragement for Single Moms    
529 Inst. For Learning Abilities The Bellefonds Method to Attack Learning Disabilities    
532 Total Language Plus Breathing Life Into Language Arts    
535 Homeschooling from the Heart Recognizing Those Things That Steal Our Joy    
536 Championship Chess Chess- It's More Than a Game    
538 Doug Phillips Have Dominion Over the Earth  
539 Doug Phillips The Visionary Father's Role in Home Education    
542 Keystone High School High School for Homeschoolers    
547 Jeff Myers Rescuing Your Children from the Culture of Irresponsibility    
548 Greg & Connie Brezina The Importance of a Good Marriage in Your Homeschool    
549 Gary DeMar America's Christian History: Fact or Fiction    
555 Doug Phillips How to Think Like a Christian    
556 Kay Ness Dyslexia and Reading Difficulties    
558 Sue Jakes Priorities for Single Moms    
559 Learning Styles What are Learning Styles    
563 Doug Phillips The Beauty & Power of the Fifth Commandment    
564 Jeff Myers How to Transform your Home, Church, & Community    
570 Art Attack Why Art is Essential in Your Child's Education!    
689 Little Patriot DVD Parent Presentation      
701A Ruth Martin What is Home Schooling    
702A Ruth Martin The Homeschool Law    
703A Ruth Martin Getting Started    
704A Ruth Martin Choosing Curriculum    
703 Homeschooling from the Heart Learning Styles    
705 My Father's World Combining Classical Education, Charlotte Mason, and Unit Studies with a Christian Perspective    
706 Karyn Henley Chronological Bible Study    
708 Gary DeMar Watching Classic Movies with Worldviews in Mind    
711 Vision Forum Making Scripture Central in Your Home Education    
713 LD Coach Correcting the Learning Disability Associated with Dyslexia    
714 Bread Beckers Do Not Eat the Bread of Idleness    
716 Kevin Swanson Preserving the Heart of Homeschooling    
718 Turansky & Miller Understanding and Working With Bad Attitudes  
721 Longing for Home Wilderness Wanderings    
723 Ebaru Publishing Teach Your Child Music    
724 Apologia Junior High & High School Science at Home    
728 Ruth Martin High School - You CAN Do It    
730 Ken Ham Defending the Christian Faith: Dinosaurs and the Bible  
733 Classical Conversations Classical Education Made Doable    
735 My Father's World Occupying Toddlers and Preschoolers While Teaching Others    
740 Rhea Perry Life After High School: Exploring the Options    
741 Greg & Connie Brezina Protecting Your Marriage While Homeschooling    
742 Turansky & Miller Teaching Children to Accept No as an Answer  
745 Mid Knight Services Games Played in Colonial America    
747 Joyce Herzog Company Reading & Spelling Mastery    
748 Homeschooling from the Heart Navigating the Middle School Years    
752 Kevin Swanson A Multi-generational Vision for Home Education  
753 Ken Ham Genesis: Key to Rebuilding the Foundation in Family and Culture  
754 Kevin Swanson The Heart of Fatherhood    
756 Turansky & Miller Helping Children Deal With Anger  
757 Kevin Swanson How to Ride the Rapids Without Falling Out of the Boat    
759 Praise Hymn, Inc. God Made Music Series Curriculum    
763 Creation Ministries Genesis As A Foundation For The Christian Homeschool    
764 Edu-Track Homeschool Capture Your Yesterdays, Document Your Today’s, and Plan For Your Tomorrow    
768 Turansky & Miller How to End Every Discipline Time with a Positive Conclusion    
769 Gary DeMar What We Think We Know about History Might Not be True    
770 Ken Ham Learning How to Think Biblically  
771 RightStart Mathematics Al Abacus + Card Games = RightStart Math    
775 Inst. for Excellence in Writing Report Writing    
780 Ray Notgrass Confident Homeschooling: Overcoming Your Fears and Following Your Heart    
781 Honoring the 2007 Graduates Graduation Program  
782 Rainbow Resources If 2 + 2 Always Equals 4, Why Are There So Many Choices?    
786 La Clase Divertida Spanish + Family = La Clase Divertida    
791 Rhea Perry The Biggest Gap in Education - How to Earn a Living    
792 Ken Ham Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World  
809 Ruth Martin Getting Started    
810 Dr. Rob Carter Building a Scientific Foundation    
811 Dana Spears Learning Styles    
812 Maggie Hogan Hands-On Geography  
813 Glenn Pav Replacing Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes    
820 Rick Boyer Why Parents Should Trust Themselves, Not Schools    
821 Stephen Guffanti Getting a Great Start in Reading    
822 Carol Barnier If I�m Diapering A Watermelon Then Where�d I Leave the Baby?  
823 Woody Robertson A Bachelor’s Degree by 18: You can do it too!    
824 Debbie Strayer Language Arts Instruction That Communicates!    
825 Jeannie Fulbright Notebooking - Creativity with a Purpose    
832 Ruth Martin Highschool: You Can Do It    
833 Maggie Hogan Ancient Civilizations: History Starts Here    
834 Mike Farris Teaching Your Children the Constitution  
835 Marilyn Boyer Getting It All Done    
836 Dana Spears Teaching to Your Child�s Learning Giftedness    
837 Glenn Pav The Battle for Correcting Your Children Wisely    
844 Jeannie Fullbright The Seven E�s for Choosing Curriculum    
845 Greg & Connie Brezina Godly Discipline    
846 Rick Boyer Proverbs: God�s Character Curriculum  
847 Stephen Guffanti Living with Passion/The Purpose of Passion    
848 Debbie Strayer Overcoming Burnout    
849 Woody Robertson Education: The Founding Father�s Way    
856 Carol Barnier Don�t Miss the Gift in This Child  
857 Mike Farris Parental Rights: It�s Now Or Never  
858 Debbie Strayer Reviving Your Teaching�and Your Students!    
859 Rick Boyer The Hands-On Dad  
860 Stephen Guffanti ADHD vs. Kinesthetic Learner: Which is it? (Part 1)    
861 Woody Robertson Your College Degree: Faster For Less & For Sure!    
862 Glenn Pav Parenting Tools to Change Your Child�s Heart    
868 Jeannie Fulbright Solving Your Science Struggles    
869 Carol Barnier What I Know Now that I Wish I�d Known Then  
870 Dana Spears Boys and Girls Learn Differently    
871 Tyler Peek & Rob Booth A Homeschooler’s Survival Guide to College    
872 Maggie Hogan Academically Gifted: Elementary & Middle School Years    
878 Rick Boyer Home Educating With Confidence    
879 Mike Farris Real-Life Courtship  
881 Woody Robertson College Credit by Exam: No Classroom Required!    
882 Glenn Pav How to Change Your Child�s Mind Without Losing Yours    
888 Dana Spears Motivating the Resistant Learner      
889 Graduation Honoring the Graduates    
890 Carol Barnier A Prodigal Speaks Out    
891 Debbie Strayer Gaining Confidence to Teach    
892 Bread Beckers Do Not Eat the Bread of Idleness    
899 Marilyn Boyer Home Educating with Babies and Toddlers and Loving It    
8100 Mike Farris The Joshua Generation : The Future Impact of Today�s Homeschoolers  
8101 Stephen Guffanti ADHD vs. Kinesthetic Learner: Living Happily with Your Child (Part 2)    
8102 Jeannie Fulbright Methods that Win and Methods that Wipe Out    
8103 Maggie Hogan The Wife’s Priorities: For Women Only, Please    
8110 Little Patriots Presentation to Parents    
880 Rob Carter Hitting Evolution Where it Hurts:    
901 Ruth Martin What is Homeschooling    
902 Ruth Martin The Homeschool Law    
903 Ruth Martin Getting Started    
904 Ruth Martin Choosing Curriculum    
905 Tom Clark Avoiding Trouble Spots in Math    
906 Greg & Connie Brezina Homeschooling Boys    
907 Andrew Pudewa Reaching the Reluctant Writer  
908 Rebecca Powell Passionate Parenting: Prescription for Mommy Burnout    
909 My Father's World Combining Classical Education, Charlotte Mason, and Unit Studies with a Christian Perspective    
910 The Courtship Connection Kathie Morrissey - Managing Multi-Level Teaching    
917 Ruth Martin Highschool: You Can Do It    
920 Vision Forum The Centrality of Scripture in Your Home Education    
921 Bill Potter Why History is the Most Important Subject You Will Ever Teach    
922 Rebecca Bonam Preparing for Piano Competitions    
929 Greg & Connie Brezina Dealing With Sibling Rivalry    
930 Rebecca Powell How To Date Your Kids: Creating Special Moments for Holding Your Child�s Heart    
931 Tom Clark Teaching Math Without a Plan? You�ve Got to be Kidding!  
932 Russell Humphreys Starlight & Time    
933 Jim Stobaugh A Fire That Burns But Does Not Consume    
934 My Father's World Hands-on Kindergarten and First Grade    
941 Andrew Pudewa The Profound Influence of Music on Life  
942 Mike Smith What’s The Future of Homeschooling?  
945 Andrew Pudewa The Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing  
946 Jim Stobaugh SAT Preparation for Christian Students    
947 Sue Becker Not by Bread Alone    
948 Bill Potter A Military History of the Bible    
954 Rebecca Powell 13 Going on Dirty: Five Things Every Mom Needs to Know About Her Son    
956 Mike Smith How to Protect Your Family Against a Truant Officer or Social Worker Visit  
957 Rich Powell 13 Going on Flirty: Five Things Every Dad Needs to Know About His Daughter    
958 Barry Doublestein The Importance of Arts Education (Even If Your Kids Aren�t    
959 Baker Tritten Press Reluctant Readers and Creative Children    
965 Russell Humphreys Evidence For a Young World    
966 Tom Clark What Is �Critical Thinking�, and Can Anyone Do It?    
967 Andrrew Pudewa Teaching and Motivating Boys & Girls -- How They Learn Differently  
969 Vision Forum Reformation and Revival: Lessons from Malachi and the 5th Century B.C.    
977 2009 Graduation Honoring the Graduates of 2009  
978 My Father's World Occupying Toddlers and Preschoolers while Teaching Others    
979 Jim Stobaugh Designing a High School Program    
983 ALERT Academy Winning and Keeping the Heart of Your Young Adult    
984 Source of Light Ministries Growing Mission Minded Kids    
1001 Ruth Martin What exactly is Homeschooling    
1002 Ruth Martin The Homeschool Law    
1003 Ruth Martin How to shop for curriculum.    
1004 Ruth Martin Getting Started    
1005 National Center for Biblical Parenting Parents are the Primary Spiritual Trainers    
1006 Regent University College Admissions & Financial Aid    
1007 Zan Tyler How God Uses our Weaknesses as Homeschool Moms    
1008 Jonathan Niednagel Discover Your Child's Brain Type    
1010 Reb Bradley Youth Ministries and Your Child's Maturity    
1011 Jamie Peavy History: A Lesson in Gratitude    
1012 Sue Jakes Homeschooling as a Single Parent    
1013 Answers in Genesis The Relevence of Genesis in Biblical Instruction    
1014 My Father's World Combining Classical, Charlotte Mason, & Unit Studies    
1015 Arts Attack Art - It's Essential    
1016 Math-U-See Clarity & Fun for All Levels of Math    
1017 Tom Clark Simplifying Algebra for the Hesitant Learner    
1019 Greg & Connie Brezina Raising Godly Children    
1020 Ruth Martin High School: Encouragement for the Long Haul    
1021 Mark Hamby Four Styles of Parenting & the Four Four Types of Foolishness in Children    
1022 Gary Bates Were Dinosaurs Really on Noah's Arc?    
1023 Beverly Bradley Warrior Mother: Fighting FOR the Kids    
1024 Joel McDurmon The Bible & Critical Thinking    
1025 The Etiquette Factory Etiquette Training Made Fun & Easy    
1026 Geography Matters 7 Secrets to Help Kids Think for Themselves    
1027 Artistic Pursuits Why Young Chilidren Make Art & How You Can Encourage It    
1028 University Ready Planning For College, What Do I Need to Do?    
1031 Shelley Noonan Mentoring Your Daughter    
1032 Ruth Martin High School: Record Keeping -Credits, Transcripts    
1033 Zan Tyler 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child's Potential    
1034 Jonathan Niednagel Customized Teaching for Each Child's Brain    
1035 Accountable Kids Raising Accountable Kids    
1037 My Father's World Occupying Toddlers While Teaching Others    
1038 Excellence In Writing Report Writing    
1039 Bread Beckers Healthy Eating Simplified    
1040 La Clase Divertida Answers to All Foreign Language Needs    
1042 Burean Baptist Music Overview of the Church Pianist Series    
1043 Mark Hamby Raise Them Up, Don't Crush Them Down    
1044 Shelly Noonan Ship Wrecked or Seaworthy? Three Ways to Keep Your Child's Boat Afloat    
1045 Mark Hamby The Angry Child, Teen, Parent, Spouse    
1046 Ruth Martin High School: Developing a Plan    
1048 Answers in Genesis Integrating the 7 C's of Biblical History    
1049 Gary Reckner Leadership 101 for Dads    
1050 Bread Beckers Do Not Eat the Bread of Idleness    
1051 For Such A Time As This SAT Prep for Christian Students    
1052 Artistic Pursuits 3 Keys to a Great Art Education    
1053 Analytical Grammar Introducing Analytical Grammar    
1054 Georgia 4-H GA's Classroom Without Walls    
1055 Reb Bradley Establishing Parental Control in the Home    
1056 Zan Tyler World View Training: The Daniel Generation    
1057 Raymond Causey Resolving Conflict in Marriage    
1058 Jamie Peavy History: Unveiling the Remarkable Chapters of Time    
1059 DIVE Adventures in the Valley of 10,000 Smokes    
1060 Rainboe Resources Gotta Have Games    
1062 Institute for Excellence in Writing Writing for Everyone    
1063 EBARU Teach Your Children Music    
1065 The Struggling Reader The Struggling Reader    
1066 Shelley Noonan Manners Matter!    
1067 Mark Hamby A Great Awakening    
1068 Ruth Martin & Mary Jo Patterson Beyond High School    
1069 Jonathan Niednagel Optimal Parenting with Brain Typing    
1071 Beverly Bradley Becoming Your Husband's Helpmate    
1072 Total Language Plus Instilling a Love of Literature    
1073 Positive Action A God Focused Approach to Teaching Bible    
1074 Miller Pads and Paper Finging Time for Art    
1075 Analytical Grammar Teaching the Essay & Research Paper    
1077 Joe Tyler Visiion of the Homeschool Husband & Dad    
1078 Dr. Emir Caner Message to the Graduates    
1079 National Center for Biblical Parenting Teaching Cooperation and Responsibility    
1080 Institute for Excellence in Writing Story Writing and Book Reports    
1081 My Father's World Hands on Kindergarten and 1st Grade    
1082 Rainbow Resources Science Unsnarled    
1084 Sonlight Curriculum Sonlight Curriculum: Literature Rich    
1085 Brain Balance Neurobehavioral Disorders    
1086 Savannah School of Art & Design Prepare a Dynamic Artistic Portfolio    
1088 National Rifle Assoc. Home Security & Gun Safety    
1089 Verity Institute Verity    
1090 Berry College Private Collegs: Worth Considering    
1101 Ruth Martin What is Home Schooling    
1102 Ruth Martin Know the Law    
1103 Ruth Martin Getting Started    
1104 Ruth Martin Choosing Curriculum    
1105 Voddie Baucham Home Education Why & How    
1106 Vicki Bentley Getting Kids to Help at Home    
1109 Citizen Impact The Christian Heritage of America    
1111 Joyce Herzog Nifty Tricks to Excite, Delight & Unite Your Family    
1112 My Father's World Combining Classical Education, Charlotte Mason & Unit Studies    
1113 Todd Wilson Dream Big (Teen)    
1114 Ken Ham If the Foundation s are Destroyed    
1115 Todd Wilson Lies Homeschoolers Believe    
1116 Dianne Craft Identifying & Correcting Blocked Learning Gates    
1117 Sue Jakes Homeschooling as a Single Parent    
1118 Accountable Kids Raising Accountable Kids    
1120 Ebaru Publishing Teach Your Child Music    
1121 Everyday Steward Five Financial Questions    
1124 Samaritan Ministries Education & Economics in Charity & Health Care    
1125 Kevin Swanson Becomming Tomorrows Leaders    
1126 Kevin Swanson Home Sscooling: Capturing the Vision    
1127 Vicki Bentley Multi-Level Teaching    
1128 Dianne Craft Smart Kids Who Hate to Write    
1129 Greg & Connie Brezina Raising Godly Children    
1130 Homeschool Psych Psychology for Homeschoolers?    
1131 My Father's World Occupying Preschoolers While Teaching Others    
1132 Pinata Publishing Teaching Historical Fiction with a Twist    
1133 Real Science 4 Kids Sciende - YIKES! Where Do I Start?    
1134 Regent University College Preperation & the Homeschooled Student    
1136 The Etiquette Factor Etiquette Training for Beginners    
1137 Tim Cannady Materialism Mayhem    
1138 Voddie Baucham Culture Wars: How they Affect the Homeschool    
1139 Todd Wilson Get Real    
1140 Appelrouth Tutoring Applerouth's Guide to SAt Success    
1141 Bread Beckers Do Not Eat the Bread of Idleness    
1142 Gary Bates UFOs, Aliens & the Evolutiion Connection    
1145 Sonbeams A FUN Introduction to Early Education    
1147 Vintage Remedies Sidetracked Child: Hoe Botanicals & Nutrition    
1148 Tim Cannady Paying for College (Teen)    
1149 Ken Ham Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World    
1150 Voddie Baucham Holding to the Foundations    
1151 Ken Ham Understanding a Loving God    
1152 Kevin Swanson How to Ride the Rapids Without Falling Out of the Boat    
1153 Sue Jakes Raising Boys    
1154 Citizen Impact The Christian Heritage of America    
1155 Excellence in Writing Story Writing & Book Reports    
1156 Fran Child A Family's Journey to Entrepreneurship    
1157 Todd Wilson Taming the Techno Beast    
1158 Dianne Craft Teaching the Right Brain Child    
1159 Apologia Teaching junior & High School Sciences    
1160 Covenent Books Using Biblical Faith to Establish a Worldview    
1163 Memoria Press What is Classical Education?    
1164 My Father's World You can Homeschool High School!    
1166 Total Language Plus Breathing Life Into Language Arts    
1167 Vicki Bentley Organized (well almost!)    
1168 Amazing Adventures Helping Your Child Love God's Word    
1169 Bread Beckers Healthy Eating Simplified    
1170 Gary Bates Six Days... Really? Refuting Compromise    
1172 GA Perimeter College Why Dual Enrollment Works  
1174 Sonlight Curriculum Literature-Rich Homeschooling  
1175 The Struggling Reader The Strugglling Reader  
1176 Kevin Swanson What Every High Schooler Needs to Know  
1177 Dianne Craft Biology of Behavior & Learning  
1179 Alpha Omega Publications Plan Less & teach More  
1180 Math-U- See Math is Easy When It's Math-U-See  
1180 My Father's World Hands-On Kindergarten 7 First Grade  
1182 Tara Simon Studios Fine Arts Workshop  
1184 Well-Planned Day Help! I Can't Pay For College  
1185 Zeezok Publishing Do I Have to Take US Government?  
1187 Kevin Swanson 2011 Graduation Address  
1189 Berry College Myths & Facts About Private Colleges  
1190 Classical Conversations The Foundation of a Classical Education  
1191 Memoria Press Why teach Latin?  
1194 Verity Institute Higher Education : Is It Bringing Us Down?  
1195 Outside Hollywood Coalition The 1 Hr Film School (Teen)  
1196 Ken Ham Key to Rebuilding the Foundations  
1201 Ruth Martin What is Homeschooling    
1202 Ruth Martin Know the Law    
1203 Ruth Martin Getting Started    
1204 Ruth Martin Choosing Curriculum    
1205 Rachael Carman Me? Homeschool?  
1206 Rick Boyer Take Back the Land  
1207 Dianne Craft Identifying and Correcting Blocked Learning Gates  
1214 Ruth Martin High School & Beyond  
1216 Marilyn Boyer A Curriculum that Fits  
1217 Michael Farris Impact of Education Choices  
1218 Dianne Craft Training Your Child’s Photographic Memory  
1220 Dr. Robert Carter Celebrate our Ancestors  
1221 Brain Balance Brain Underconnectivity and Learning Disorders  
1225 Sue Becker Do Not Eat the Bread of Idleness  
1226 My Father's World Combining Classical Education  
1228 Rachael Carman Seven Simple Steps to Sanity  
1229 Rick Boyer Reclaiming the American Vision  
1230 Ruth Martin & Mary Jo Patterson The Truth about Accreditation and Dual Enrollment  
1234 Answers in Genesis The Relevance of Genesis  
1239 Dr. Rob Carter Celebrate Freedom to Teach a Biblical Worldview  
1240 Rachael Carman C.H.I.L.L. O.U.T.!  
1241 Dianne Craft Kids and Teenagers with Focusing Problems  
1242 Marilyn Boyer Generations of Giants  
1247 Etiquette Factory Etiquette Training Made Fun and Easy  
1250 Rick Boyer Breaking the Shackles  
1251 Michael Farris Homeschooling Freedoms – Past, Present, and Future  
1252 Dr. Rob Carter Whar Darwin Didn't Know  
1253 Marilyn Boyer A Servant’s Heart – The Path to Honor  
1254 Michael Farris Real Life Courtship  
1255 Dianne Craft Smart Kids Who Hate to Write  
1260 My Father's World Occupying Preschoolers while Teaching Older Children  
1261 Ruth Martin Technical Schools/GED’s/Speciality Colleges/Armed Services  
1262 Rick Boyer What's a Dad to Do?  
1263 Rachael Carman How to Die to Yourself and Live to Tell About It  
1267 Answers in Genesis The Seven C’s of Biblical History  
1272 Sen. Barry Loudermilk Preparing Patriots  
1273 Marilyn Boyer Learning to Delight in Your Children  
1274 Michael Farris Parental Rights: It’s Now or Never  
1275 Dianne Craft Photographic Memory for Math and Test Taking  
1276 Rick Boyer Let No One Despise Your Youth  
1282 My Father's World You Can Homeschool Highschool!  
1283 Rick Boyer Our First 30 Years of Homeschooling  
1284 Rachael Carman How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. for Your Kids  
1285 Marilyn Boyer Getting It All Done  
1288 Geography Matters Seven Secrets to Help Kids Think for Themselves  
1290 Sue Becker Healthy Eating Simplified  
1293 Dianne Craft The Biology of Auditory Processing and Memory Problems  
1294 Rick Boyer Bound for Greatness  
1295 Dr. Rob Carter Thinking About Dinosaurs Biblically  
1297 Classical Conversations The Foundation of a Classical Education  
12100 Dr. Emir Caner Graduation Address  
1301 Ruth Martin What is Homeschooling    
1302 Ruth Martin Know the Law    
1303 Ruth Martin Getting Started    
1304 Ruth Martin Choosing Curriculum    
1305 Woody Robertson The Coming College Tsunami and the Huge Opportunity for Homeschoolers    
1306 Sharon Grimes Stressed?!? or Blessed!!!    
1307 Jonathan Sarfati The Christian Roots of Science    
1311 Kevin Swanson Why Homeschooling Will Change the World    
1312 Skeet Savage Homeschooling Without Support    
1313 Carol Barnier 17 Years of Homeschooling, And I Hardly Twitch at All    
1314 Ruth Martin Getting Started    
1318 Jonathan Sarfati Dinosaurs & the Age of the Earth    
1319 Woody Robertson Bachelor’s Degree by Age 18: Inspiring Students With a Vision    
1320 Sharaon Grimes You Mean I CAN'T Do It ALL ... At Once?!?    
1321 Gary Bates Changes in living things over time—Is this evolution?    
1325 Carol Barnier Help! How Do I Teach This Highly Distractible Child    
1326 Skeet Savage Overcoming Obstacles to Homeschooling    
1327 Kevin Swanson How to Raise Authentic, Heart-Deep, God-Loving Kids Instead of Fake Hypocrites    
1328 Ruth Martin High School Record Keeping and Transcripts    
1332 Gary Bates Myth-Busting the Icons of Evolution    
1333 Kevin Swanson Homeschooling – Capturing the Vision!    
1334 Kevin Swanson High School - The Critical Years for Mind and Heart    
1335 Dad's Panel    
1336 Carol Barnier Give Your Child a Love of Missions    
1337 Jonathan Sarfati Science or ‘Spin’? Real Science Supports the Bible!    
1341 Jane Robbins Why Common Core is Bad for America    
1342 Woody Robertson Motivating Guys to Take Ownership of Their Education    
1343 Greg & Connie Brezina How to Have a Great Marriage While Homeschooling    
1344 Gary Bates The UFO phenomenon—Stealing the Minds of a Generation    
1348 Kevin Swanson Pragmatism: The Slippery Slide to Hell    
1349 Wendy Dahlgren How to Prepare for College Admissions    
1350 Carol Barnier Teaching Your Child to Read Made Easy    
1351 Skeet Savage Taking Off the Training Wheels    
1355 Sharon Grimes Conquering a Heart of Anger    
1356 Gary Bates Grounded in Creation—the answer to why bad things happen to ‘good’ people    
1360 Jonathan Sarfati Creation Declares the Glory of God! - Incredible Design    
1361 Carol Barnier A Prodigal Speaks Out    
1365 Kevin Swanson Graduation Address    

The Association will serve and assist any home schooling family or support group in Georgia, however, GHEA is a Christian organization and the counsel and direction of the organization will be Christian.

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