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Sooner or later, if enough parents submit to accreditation, none of us will be able to get into college without it.

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The high school years are when many parents stop teaching their children at home. These parents feel overwhelmed by the demands of high school subjects, feel unqualified to teach upper level math and sciences, and begin wondering if their children need the social exposure and athletic opportunities found in public and private high schools. Also, there is the question of accreditation and transcripts for students wishing to go to college. Last, but not least, during the high school years children begin expressing themselves much more forcefully and it would be easier for parents to let someone else require schoolwork from a teen who is going through mood swings or becoming argumentative. We want to encourage you to do all you can to keep your child at home during the high school years. If you find your resolve drooping, your vision dimming, your enthusiasm waning, listen to Josh Harris's tape Why Home School Through High School or Ellyn Davis' tape Charting a Course for High School, or read Dumbing Us Down by John Gatto. The teen years are crucial to the identification and legitimizing of a child, and we can't afford to let others set our children's life course for them.

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