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The time is drawing near for Homeschool Capitol Day 2015!! Capitol Day will be on Wednesday, February 18th, 2015 from 9:30am – 3pm. Be sure and “like” GHEA on Facebook to receive updates/reminders!

Sign-ups will open on Monday, January 19th 2015 for tours and classes!

Sign-ups for tours and classes will be done via email this year. To sign up on/after January 19th, please copy and paste the info below into a new email to the email address below and add your information before sending. If you do not want to attend a particular class or tour, please erase the “yes” option and leave the “no”. The whole family is welcome to attend, although we do ask that you take any crying babies/toddlers out of classes. There are elevators in some locations, but be aware that not all areas may be stroller friendly. There will be multiple classes and tours being conducted.

Specific times for tours and classes, as well as room numbers will be announced as soon as details are finalized.

Please send the following information: (If you are registering your homeschool group, just add as much information as you have available) to homeschoolcapitolday@gmail.com

Your name:

Email address: (this is where we will contact you with tour/class time)

Phone Number:

Name and age of each person attending:

Total number attending:

Tour Request:       YES     NO       (You will receive an email confirmation with your tour time after you register)

Legislative Class:             YES      NO      (You will receive an email confirmation with your class time after you register)

Judicial Class:    YES     NO      (You will receive an email confirmation with your class time after you register)

As always, please attend all Homeschool Capitol Day functions dressed in professional/business attire! We have one day a year to make a positive impact on our legislators and are often the only homeschoolers they see all year! 

Our desire this year is to show up in record numbers to THANK OUR LEGISLATORS (regardless of whether or not you agree with their platform) :) 

Please consider bringing a home-baked treat (cookies and brownies are perfect!) to your legislator and their staff with a thank you card for their service to your community! 

If you would like to reserve an appointment with your legislator/s for the day you are at the Capitol, feel free to break away to make the appointment and meet back up with the group. If you need to find out who your elected officials are, you may find this information easily at: www.votesmart.org

If your band/ensemble/choir is interested in performing for Homeschool Capitol Day, you may contact Susan Davis at susan_davis@joyfulnoiseband.com (musical performance request only) for information on reserving a time slot during the lunch hour. Susan has graciously coordinated the musical performances for the last 10 years for Capitol Day and this hour is always a highlight! Susan is the founder/program director of Joyful Noise Band in Marietta, Georgia.         ( joyfulnoiseband.com for more information)

If you would like to prepare your students ahead of time for the visit, a great website to visit is:                

                                                                                                    Helpful Tips!

For directions and parking information, visit http://www.libs.uga.edu/capitolmuseum/about/directions.html


Capitol address: 206 Washington St SW, Atlanta, GA 30334


***There will be a charge for parking. Parking fees will vary between $5 and $15 for the day.

Please be prepared to pay cash for parking as very few lots in the downtown area will accept

debit/credit cards. Visitors with disabilities  may stop briefly at the loading zone on Mitchell Street for drop off.

Disabled guests may use ramps provided to enter the Capitol on the ground floor.


You may bring a lunch for your family or a close option is the

Sloppy Floyd Cafeteria, 1 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr., 404-656-2606




Parking    (In past years, the parking decks at Underground and on Jesse Hill, Jr. Street have offered the most availability, however some closer lots could always have spots, depending on how many lots have been reserved for legislators and staff.)

Buses and 15-passenger or larger vans are allowed to park on the west side of Washington Street in front of the Capitol on most week days. Capitol events or security threats may make this space unavailable. In those cases, buses will be rerouted by Capitol security.

Public parking is available in several locations surrounding the Capitol. Parking fees vary by lot. Certain lots may be closed due to the legislative session.


Parking: Spaces for visitors with disabilities are located on Mitchell Street. Vehicles may stop briefly at the loading zone to drop off passengers.

Entrances: Visitors in wheelchairs may enter the Capitol from the loading zone off of Mitchell Street and from Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive via ramps which provide access to the first (ground) floor.

Elevators: The elevators are located on the east and west sides of the Capitol.

Restrooms: Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located on the first, third and fourth floors of the Capitol building. Facilities for ladies are located on the first floor, inside the Capitol Avenue entrance and on the third floor in room 342. Mens' facilities can be found on the first floor and on the fourth floor adjacent to the House Gallery.

Water Fountains: Accessible water fountains can be found near the first floor restrooms on the east side of the Capitol and inside the Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive entrance.

Telephones: Both a TDD and a Volume Control Telephone are located on the first floor of the Capitol in the restroom area.

Galleries: Wheelchair spaces are provided in the Senate and House galleries and most legislative committee meeting rooms are accessible.

Capitol Grounds: The paths leading to points of interest on the Capitol grounds are paved.


In compliance with security regulations, all visitors must enter the Capitol through a metal detector; the X-ray machine must examine hand-carried items. No weapons, including pocketknives, are allowed in the Capitol. These items should be left in a vehicle because security is not able to hold these items. In addition, off-duty law enforcement officers will not be allowed to carry their weapons while they are inside the Capitol.




 At their quarterly  meeting on May 11, 2012, the Board of Commissioners of GSFC approved a change in ACCEL regulations to define Eligible High School as:   

"any public or private secondary educational institution, including

unaccredited  Home Study or Home School programs".


This is effective beginning with the Fall term of 2012.   A homeschool student no longer needs to be enrolled in an accredited homeschool program to qualify for Dual Enrollment funding. However, there are some changes to the level of funding for everyone. ACCEL funds will pay the full tuition charge, but it will no longer pay for fees or provide a book allowance. Funding for private colleges has not changed.

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