The Exhibit Hall is open on Friday from 9:00 am–6:00 pm and on Saturday from 9:00 am–5:00 pm.

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FRIDAY ONLY!!! 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.—Gwinnett Convention Center—HALL C.

GHEA’s Used Book Sale is always a sell-out! In order to ensure you get the best shopping time slot and deals, you will want to register early.

Shopping Guidelines:

Conference registrants will be assigned a shopping time in the order in which they register—therefore, you will want to register early to get the best availability! Sellers who wish to shop must register for the conference—NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! Due to the high demand, buyers will be allowed into the room in timed intervals (based on the assigned buyer shopping time.)

Only two-wheeled, upright, airline-style carts will be permitted in the hall. No other style will be permitted. If you have questions about your carrying case, please contact Tracee Wood (see contact information below) to verify. Due to the space constraints of this venue the “cart policy” will be strictly enforced. In past years, GHEA has offered a book checking area; this is not part of the used Book Sale arena, so be sure to check conference information regarding this service/option.

Selling Guidelines:

Act fast! The number of sellers will be limited to 250. After 250 sellers have registered no more numbers will be assigned, regardless of date.

This year we will be utilizing the EVENTBRITE system for seller registration. If you are interested in selling your used books you must have a seller number! To obtain a seller number you must register through the EVENTBRITE system—please use the link provided at the bottom of this email to complete your seller registration.

You may complete your seller registration at any time; you will receive a confirmation email and your seller number will be sent directly to you. However, numbers will not be issued before March 01, 2014 and no numbers will be assigned after May 10, 2014. Melanie McBride continues to manage our seller database and numbers; any correspondence directed to her (melanie@jmxservices.com) should be CLEARLY noted in the subject line - 2014 GHEA Used Book Sale. If the subject line is not properly noted it will not be properly filtered to the appropriate email folder.

We will continue to use electronic checkout. Book labels will be the barcode tags generated by the GHEA barcode program issued to all sellers. These are the ONLY acceptable pricing labels and incorrect labels will be refused for sale. The labels must be attached to the book with clear tape either on the cover or inside the cover. If a book is missing a label, it will not be sold. No exceptions! (If you purchased the item at a prior GHEA Used Book Sale, please remove any older labels, as multiple labels cause confusion.)

You may drop off your used books on Thursday, June 05, 2014. The book drop shifts are 1pm–3pm and 5pm–8pm; The Friday drop off slot (Friday, June 6 from 7am to 7:30am) is limited and reserved for special circumstances. We have extended the Thursday drop off times to try and accommodate more people in this area. If you must drop on Friday morning, prior authorization is required. You will be responsible for placing your books on their respective sale tables. NOTE: The hall MUST be clear by 7:45am on Friday morning. You will need to plan accordingly to have all of your books placed by that time and the hall exited.

Unsold books must be picked up on Friday evening between 5:00 7:00pm. Sellers will be charged a $20 disposal fee for books left after 7:15pm and the uncollected books will be discarded. Sellers will, as is customary, have the option to receive payouts Saturday morning. In order to exercise this option it must be indicated with your EVENTBRITE seller registration. A limited number of payout times will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Payout times will range from 8:00am and 9:45am. All money not picked up will be mailed to the seller. If a self-addressed stamped envelope is not provided prior to sale closing, a $1.50 mailing fee will be accessed. GHEA will retain 12% of all payouts; this is NOT a profit but merely an aid for offsetting the costs associated with operating the sale.


Volunteers make the Used Book Sale a success, and volunteers are always needed! GHEA needs volunteers willing to work in all Book Sale positions. Volunteers are asked to help purely as a ministry to other homeschoolers. However, GHEA will offer our wonderful volunteers a “thank you gift” which is 1 CD of a speaker of your choice for every 3 hours worked.

If you plan to shop the regular vendor hall and or the Used Book Sale, you will need to register for the Full Conference or Shopping Only.

If you are interested in being a Book Sale volunteer, we ask that you plan to donate 3 or more hours of your time on Friday, June 06, 2014. Please, indicate your volunteer interest during your EVENTBRITE seller registration and use the Volunteer Spot sign up link: http://vols.pt/TQqYy8 available beginning March 01, 2014. Should you need additional information regarding volunteer opportunities with our Used Book Sale please notify Toni Musgrove at toni@musgroves.net. In your volunteer request please note your availability. Volunteer slots will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.

Parents may keep their younger children with them while they are working their shift, so consider volunteering as a family but please keep in mind the space constraints associated with our venue. Responsible young adults are also encouraged to volunteer. However, the positions eligible for these students will be limited and must be supervised by an adult.

Any other UBS questions should be directed to our UBS Lead Coordinator—Tracee Wood. We ask that you contact her via email at woodshed4HEM@gmail.com. We are excited to have you participate with us this year and pray that God will be glorified by this sale, its staff, and all who enter.

As you try to contact us, please keep in mind that we are homeschooling parents, too. We will do our best to respond in a timely fashion. If you feel that we have not done so, feel free to send us a gentle reminder. This is an extremely busy time of year in our homeschooling and conference lives. Thank You.

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